Visit our corporate site. The cable stress relief is on of the coolest I have ever seen and uses a spring system to prevent breakages. RHA MA-750i Review Thanks to RHA for the sample. RHA MA750i Noise Isolating Premium In-Ear Headphone with Remote and Microphone - 3 Year Warranty, LG Tone Free Review - HBS-FN6 True Wireless Earbuds, Anker Soundcore Spirit X2 Review - True Wireless Earbuds, ThieAudio Monarch Review - Exceptional Flagship Earphones. I could find nothing but praise for the RHA MA750, and now that I own them I can confirm those reviews. When we came back, their sound was wholly different. Highs– Highs are having more than enough sparkle to be able to compete with the strong lows present in the MA750’s although not so much as to allow it to emit ear-piercing results that a few other mainstream competitors are guilty of. They sit at the top of RHA’s wireless lineup, although slightly away from the scarily expensive £799 planar magnetic RHA CL2. RHA has upped the ante with the 750 line. Packaging is excellent there is lots of information displayed on the box which I love and they even include a frequency response chart for their custom 560 driver. Inline remote and microphone for mobile devices. Audiophiles on a budget. Please refresh the page and try again. Whilst here we should also talk about the tips themselves. Fantastic sound, premier build quality, very comfortable to wear, reasonable price. is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. These sounded similar, right out of the box as well as after another weekend of running-in. As a result the form has followed suit and these are an incredibly good-looking set of earphones that stand out in a crowded marketplace and look classy not garish and flashy. This puzzled us. Music can be a very personal choice, and the same goes for the hardware that we use to enjoy it. Slightly warm, perfect bass, airy openness all lead this to be a thoroughly enjoyable set of earphones to listen to (in fact I have not changed to any other earphone since I received them such was my enjoyment). Images from are subject to license. Inside though when you actually get to the IEM's is where you begin to get impressed. Earphones that look and sound like they mean business, but only if you run them in extensively. Conclusion . They sound a bit on the dark side, but I like this sound (at home I play with HD650 + Little Dot MKIII with Mullard M8161 tubes). There’s far more clarity than our other top under $150 performers the MH1C by Sony and Shure’s SE215 and for a dynamic driver the MA750i performs very well indeed. Not a bad deal in my opinion. The cable itself is not great out of the box it will hold the shape of the packaging at first but having had previous experience with this style I know it would settle down and soften in the coming days which thankfully it has and now performs perfectly, its thick and solid so I have no reservations about long term reliability. There was a problem. Got a Question? The MA650i Lightning comes with a few accessories: a mesh carrying pouch, a cable clip, and eight pairs of eartips. Then we compared them with the originals, which had by now benefited from more use after the review had been written – and curiously the first set sounded better. Lows– Lows are amazing, providing good quality with excellent clarity and oodles of quantity. Powerful audio performance with no distortion on deep bass tracks. 2. There are 2 key components to the RHA MA750i’s accessory set and that is the large carry case and the tip holder. Thank you for signing up to What Hi-Fi?. Sitting just bellow is the cable join and adjustable sliding cinch and again it follows the metal theme seen through out, not though that the slider will only come up as far as the inline volume control. RHA MA-750i reviews, pros and cons. Audiophile On is a review site for high-end audiophile headphones and earphones. RHA has made a name for itself by offering quality headphones and earphones at budget prices. RHA's MA750i earphones deliver a strong audio performance in a good-looking design, and you get plenty of eartips so you can find the perfect fit. We got another sample. Today I received the MA750i and I really like the sound straight out of my iPhone 5s. Sound and Vision. Bath Sometimes you can find weight imbalance issues on phones with in line controls but this wasn’t an issue due to the over ear design. It’s a rounded, tonally even sound. RHA MA750i review: Features and design The MA750i are several rungs up the ladder from my trusty old MA150 – and nine times the price – but by … The MA750i is their new high end model, priced at $129.95. The improved sound of the RHAs closes the gap dramatically. Accessories are generous: there’s a stainless-steel card holding nine pairs of ear tips of varying size and shape, including double-flange and foam varieties. There was no discernable change in presence from a burn in of 100 hours. RHA MA650i Lightning Review. The build is, as, with most RHA products excellent, the warranty outstanding and the sound is pretty good. RHA is a British headphone company with an exclusive focus on in-ear models. Outstanding, especially considering the price point. Read our 1More Triple Driver Review. RHA mastered it. These are a cool looking set of headphones and the attention to detail is again highly impressive. The overriding characteristic was harshness. Much, much better than before. Tons of eartip options. From there you head down to the ear loops which help guide the cable for use over the top of the ears, I have had some issues with this stuff in the past but thankfully RHA have opted against a heavy memory wire. Elsewhere you get stainless steel parts, and a three-button inline remote/microphone for Apple iOS devices. RHA MA750i review from the experts at What Hi-Fi? Covering headphones, IEM, amps, dacs, cables & DAP's. First Impressions: The box, well it’s rather nice with its magnetic flap on the front. In-ear headphones just don’t normally need such an extensive running in. Firstly the carry case is excellent, its nice and big so will easily accommodate a player and earphones. There are companies out the charging upwards of $500 that don’t have a setup as good as this. BA1 1UA. Home Headphones RHA MA750 Review RHA MA750 Review Scottish RHA has a cheaper alternative to the more upscale ear buds on the market. RHA MA750i Earphones for iPhone Review IN the BOX. The treble wasn’t harsh, and there was a decent amount of bass. British headphone company RHA produces the MA750i in-ears, which are a little pricey but are constructed with stainless steel and are ideal for classical music. The cable is thick and strong, with the plug end reinforced with a spring. I would be surprised if you couldn’t find the right fit with amount of tips that RHA offers. The Beyerdynamics still sound more dynamic to us, with greater subtlety to fine detail, but the RHAs now perform to a level that we’re happy to recommend them. An abundant treble wasn’t adequately balanced by the low-end, and the resulting sound was enough to make our reviewers wince. I actually use them over my Corwin E7 Bluetooth headphones because the sound is vastly superior. Just like the RHA MA750i, the MA750 Wireless include a microphone and an in-line remote, but they also include a small vibration motor on the right neckband end that warns you there is an incoming call. In this price bracket you could put the MA750 up against the Shure SE215 and I would take the MA750i every day of the week due to better bass and cleaner overall sound. Sign up below to get the latest from What Hi-Fi?, plus exclusive special offers, direct to your inbox! Shop wireless headphones & earbuds with a 3-year warranty & free delivery. British maker RHA has been in the earphone (headphone) game for some time, mostly focusing on the lower-end market. We stand by our original review of the product we received, which understandably upset the good folks at RHA. The earbuds are comfortable once you get them to fit, but this may prove awkward for some. Isolation on the MA750i is fair for a set of earphones; they do not inset too deep and are vented so some sound intrusion will always be present as it is with most dynamic drivers. On the cable there sit the volume and voice controls for when using with a smartphone and yet again its of very high quality with robust clicks and 100% accuracy, call quality was excellent when tested and subjects said that they had no problems hearing us and there was a low presence of background noise. RHA (Reid Heath Acoustics) is a special company that much is true and in my opinion their MA750i represents unparalleled value in the high end Audio game. In typical RHA fashion, the MA750 Wireless are constructed from 303F stainless steel—a big plus for durability.The earphones are also IPX4 certified, meaning that they can take a sweat bath and come out no worse for wear.Like the wired iteration, an oxygen-free copper cable is encased in a tangle-preventative coating.

rha ma750i review

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