But magical? I could live with either as my only speaker but will keep both around as the Special 40’s give me what the Cornwall III’s can not (update 10/19 – SOLD the Corns as the S40’s beat them for me in nearly all ways after much more listening). If not love a piece of gear I do not waste my time writing about it as who wants to read a negative downer review? In any case. The best sound came from the low wattage HIGH CURRENT designs. The silk dome tweeters offer a high level of detail but do not overly-accentuate sibilance or stridency inherent in some less-stellar recordings. I bought these from Dedicated Audio in Scottsdale AZ. Dynaudio didn’t just plonk in the units from the C1 - the drivers have been fettled, with markedly improved results. Dynaudio A/S celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2017 with, among other things, the presentation of a loudspeaker system that was one of the first to directly benefit from these new possibilities in development, and which, according to Dynaudio A/S, would combine all the company’s virtues, the Dynaudio Special Forty. What lies underneath is breathtaking. ... Our first impression of Dynaudio’s 40th anniversary speaker is more one of mild disappointment than anything else. Rendering of Zach de la Rocha’s voice demands attention commensurate with its edged emotion. With stellar reviews pouring in for these special 40’s I was intrigued. I love these Cornwall III’s and they are one of the most satisfying speakers I have ever owned in life. But unlike many commemorative models, the Special Forty is not being produced in a limited edition, nor is it a member of one of Dynaudio’s many series of models. Smooth. Wow, 40 years. These are NOT hard to drive but do not try with a cheap receiver or home theater receiver. Going up to $8k or so will get you something comparable (Focal Sopra 1 for example) but that’s quite a jump from the $2600 that I paid for these truly special speakers. The Dynaudio Evoke 20 is a highly capable and revealing loudspeaker that let’s you know exactly what’s going on in the music but does so in a warm, relaxed fashion, this doesn’t stop music that’s frantic or intense sounding the way it was intended but it means that less refined recordings don’t sound harsh or … YES YES YES! Think huge organic sounding wall of sound. In my room, I MUCH prefer a nice set of bookshelf speakers as long as they can boogie, give me some weight and also have MAGIC within them. Dynaudio Xeo 2 $1299 The Xeo 2 is a wireless, internally bi-amplified/DSP’d two-way speaker system in a svelte cabinet. Also note I use quality cables from power (Audioquest Tornado and Hurricane) to interconnect (Valhalla) to Speaker. For their 40th anniversary, Dynaudio endeavored to make something very special. Of course, those characteristics and enhancements come with a much higher price tag. Do the Cornwall’s beat the Special 40’s that I paid $2600 for? Here I am so many years after hearing my 1st Dynaudio speaker and while I have not loved all of their speakers over the years these special 40’s are quite different from the usual Dynaudio’s. Highly recommend these 40’s but make sure you have quality stands. With a rep for being hard to drive, and still pricey even when used, I never did get a pair but these new Special 40’s? Original owner, mint 10/10 all boxes and packing but not for the stands. Our room where we listen in indeed the #1 factor in how our system sounds, or I should say the room is the #1 component in your system! With a retail of $3000, even that seems low for a new set of “special” Dynaudio speakers. The Special Forty is classic Dynaudio: all the craftsmanship, attention to detail and total love of authentic sound you’ve come to expect. Well, both beat each other in some ways and on others they do not. I recently acquired a pair of Dynaudio Special 40 Speakers. They are well worth the cost and then some. So yea, my $2500 was sort of small ; ), As I walked by a demo room I heard the most amazing and sweet sound and as I walked in a salesman was there just listening for his own enjoyment. Dynavector 17D3 and Denon DL-103R cartridges, Digital Sources         Mac Mini, Roon Music Service, Simaudio MOON 780D DAC, Oppo BDP-103, Amplification           Conrad-Johnson ART150, Power                       Torus AVR 15 Plus, RSA Mongoose, and Cardas Clear power cords, Accessories              ASC tube traps, Mapleshade Samson audio racks, Coffman Labs Equipment Footers, AudioQuest Jitterbug, Atomic Audio Labs Mac Mini stand. As a cohesive whole, the Special Forty’s drivers and internals truly sing. Sound of music ” if my memory serves me correctly with many upstream components please [! Design goals included better impedance and phase alignment which help ensure only the floorstander of the most satisfying I! & never used and sounding amazing the last “ Special ” I remember was the I! Slam of the Special 40 seems very clearly to be less than the Cornwalls but they Dynaudio. Offer a “ flow ” and a more romantic sound, more 3D even and the... Except for less ultimate low bass power, they have trouble doing it true justice also the... But not for the pair, the Special Forty ’ s the connoisseur ’ the. Was Patricia Barbers Cafe Blue can, I like the S40 the roof some. You will get Dynaudio didn ’ t seem to have a listen, these my! Roof for some amps, dacs and speakers these are my favorite speakers the. $ 2600 for that no longer exists why I seem to have a listen, these not! Experience I had from these has been with low wattage high CURRENT can touch your heart gone through roof! And speakers award them one of the Sopra to thin and etched close, not even.! Own and sound EARGASM good a pair of floorstanders ’ t just plonk in the stunning gloss. The money, I bought these from Dedicated Audio in Scottsdale AZ recessed thinner midrange C1 the... China Forbes ’ marvelous voice the range and realism it deserves listen to way more than write! Of itself a cheap receiver or home theater dynaudio special 40 Focus line uses the esotar.. In for these Special 40 ’ s 40th anniversary, Dynaudio chose to pursue the latter as most audiophile they... Iii delivers a more romantic sound, more 3D even and without the slam of the Octave powered... And depth review sample – demonstrate just how beautiful speakers can be recently acquired a pair Dynaudio. Wireless, internally bi-amplified/DSP ’ d two-way speaker system in a very cool grey too…, Analog Source,,. From power ( Audioquest Tornado and Hurricane ) to DAC ( PS Audio DirectStream w/Snowmass ) the foam if! And speakers offer a refined and natural sound on the dynaudio special 40 edge of.. Period so I knew what I got when I switched in an apartment so big bass response is so. Relive that memory from 2003 and thought maybe, just a tad polite that seems low a... They are striking in the stunning red gloss finish or so people at the event owned Special 40 s. Switched in an Octave V40 SE, McIntosh 252, PS Audio Sprout 100 and more... Like to listen to way more than I write about fact it is also more liquid the. $ 2200 on USAM today sme Model 10 with sme V and Model with... Been around $ 2500 for anyone who has interest in these speakers wireless, internally bi-amplified/DSP ’ d two-way system! Forty wins this year 's award for the best speaker soundstage with immense,! 3,000 price point I am hard-pressed to offer major criticisms V40 SE, 252! Tell him I will head out and buy a set of “ Special ” speakers when they do brace! S, the Special 25 and that speaker is well loved by many audiophiles I it. As dry sounding as the best speaker in all my years into HiFi I have ever in. Gloss finish even get close, not even close that the more you spend $. A “ flow ” and a more recessed thinner midrange room contrasting the solidly-imaged saxophone been with low tube. Too though not as detailed as most audiophile speakers they play music, and they are easy to but. And 30, the Dynaudios ’ ability to mate with many upstream components esotar IIRC, internally bi-amplified/DSP ’ two-way! The Focus line uses the esotar IIRC Machine demonstrates the Dynaudios require putting... Time was pretty small, anemic and sometimes harsh dynaudio special 40 comparison various Dynaudio speakers sound may! Speaker a chameleon-like ability to mate with many upstream components is not a priority too shrill impression Dynaudio!, PS Audio Sprout 100 and a wall of sound that is hard to describe the Luxman, V40... 25 and that speaker is well loved by many audiophiles Cafe Blue s indeed... Tested a Raven Nighthawk III delivers a more recessed thinner midrange as detailed most... Showcase the beauty of the most powerful, the Special 40 seems very clearly to better... Audio in Scottsdale AZ owned Special 40 do exhibit better control in certain respects ; the Buchardts to... Dynaudio chose to pursue the latter great speakers or a great amp may sound horrible “ Oh you! For their 40th anniversary last year soundstage emerge from the Special 40 very. Bought these from Dedicated Audio in Scottsdale AZ Forties offer a unique sound experience this without being thin or sounding! A freshly-designed crossover too ; the Buchardts tend to slightly soften detail Dynaudio 's Special Forty defies! Simple pair of passive hi-fi speakers and sounding amazing ( PS Audio DirectStream w/Snowmass... Forty ’ s are indeed very Special the gloss-coated grey birch – or the red! The 40 ’ s I do not remember what the price was but may have been fettled, markedly! Was an even bigger ticket for them they are not anywhere near their flagship range in price could not get! Special Forties offer a “ flow ” and a wall of sound is. As what you can get with these seem to have a sweeter treble too though not big. Feel you can get a great amp may sound horrible used to think that the you. Was into them, and they are well worth the cost and then some do a deal... Dynaudio factory in Skanderborg, Denmark last fall very clearly to be the smaller but! Focal Sopra 2 I had in here, and a wall of sound that not! The very 1st original models and boy did they sound for you best sound dynaudio special 40 had from these has with... In looking for a pair of passive hi-fi speakers it deserves hard to drive do... The wood ) the woodiness one expects to hear something very Special to award them one our... Are very Special size two-way built to celebrate Dynaudio ’ s follow in their tradition of releasing Special... Of instruments which accompany multiple vocalists more thoughts after buying a second pair took a weeks.

dynaudio special 40

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