Here at we are the largest and the most highly rated carpet runner specialist in the UK. For what it’s worth, Tenor has no problem walking over / through / under obstacles. x 36 In. Check out our great selection of custom stair treads to pick your own binding size and color! To continue this home experiment for a longer time (and before we invested in a more expensive “official” stair runner) I ended up buying 2 new 10-foot pieces of the chocolate brown colored shelf liner for $20 total. See our exciting wide range of Stair Runners and matching landing pieces from Crucial Trading. The upholstery stapler used a different width, but they were still 3/8″ staples. This creates a different overall effect than covering the whole stair and can be a good choice in more minimalistic or modern decors. Pet stair treads are perfect for heavily trafficked areas, and even extend the life of your hardwood steps. What started as only a temporary solution has become a permanent solution in our home! No one has ever commented on our funky stair runner. (Because we had resorted to closing off the stairs so Tenor could not be upstairs with us while we worked all day in our home offices.). I also use it as a DIY jar opener… with grip!eval(ez_write_tag([[336,280],'thefuntimesguide_com-box-4','ezslot_5',810,'0','0'])); The piece I had on hand was large enough to span across 2 steps (while hugging those 2 stair risers, as well), so I decided to see if Tenor would walk on that and come down the stairs on his own. Cheap Easy Dog Run to Build: A couple of times a year we go to my son's property in central Texas. There are two ways to install a stair runner: waterfall and French cap. Now it’s 10 years later and I’ve replaced the shelf liner just twice! $49.99 $ 49. Carpet Stair Treads Set of 13 Non Slip/Skid Rubber Runner Mats or Rug Tread – Indoor Outdoor Pet Dog Stair Treads Pads – Non-Slip Stairway Carpet Rugs (Gray) 8” x … I do still consider this a temporary measure, not a permanent one. Many of our customers have fallen; or just as often their dogs fall down the stairs suffering injuries. Stair treads for dogs give your pets much-needed traction as they walk up and down the steps, preventing slips and injuries. Sapphire Fleur De Lis Claret 33 in. Oct 31, 2013 - This Pin was discovered by Samantha Shutt. Here it is almost a year later, and my original DIY stair runner is still in place. And we didn’t have stair runners at the time. I used this shelf liner in the chocolate color: Actually, I always have some of this stuff on hand, but rarely use it as shelf liner. Can I order custom quantities if I need a specific number of stair treads? TOTAL SHIPPING: £ 25.00. Please select a shipping option below Ship To UK £25 Ship To Ireland £40. Yep, once he started going through the motion of walking down the first 2 steps, he continued without pausing. If you have been looking for a carpet or runner to transform the look of your hallway, stairs or any room in your home then there is no need to look elsewhere. Clings To Floor Floor Floor Runner Movers Moving Moving Protection Neoprene Professional Mover Runner Slip Resistant Roll Stair Protection Stairs Step Protection Steps Two Men And A Truck CUSTOMER SUPPORT HOURS MONDAY-FRIDAY 7:30 AM - 5:30 PM CST CORPORATE OFFICE LOCATION 8450 W. 185TH ST. (Eventually, it becomes a little thin in center where it’s stepped on the most. x Your Choice Length Stair Runner. © 1996-2020,, Inc. or its affiliates, Stairs Tread Non Slip Tape 2020 Version Anti Skid 28" 32" Long Clear Grip Adhesive Step Cover Strips Indoor Wood Safety Floor Dog Staircase Hardwood (15 pcs of 28 x 4 Inches + 1 Roller), Stair Treads Non-Slip Strips for Indoors 4 x 24 Clear Safety Anti Slip Stair Grips for Wood Floors to Prevent Slippery Surfaces 15 PEVA Non Skid Tape, RIOLAND Stair Treads Carpet Non-Slip Indoor Stair Runners for Wooden Steps, Stair Rugs for Kids and Dogs, Set of 15, 8" X 30", Gray, Carpet Stair Treads Non-Slip 8"x30" Brown - (15-Pack) Runners for Wooden Steps, Pretigo Non Slip Carpet Stair Treads,Set of 7,Safety Slip Resistant for Kids,Elders,and Dogs, Stair Treads Non-Slip Carpet Indoor Set of 14 Brown Carpet Stair Tread Treads Stair Rugs Mats Rubber Backing (30 x 8 inch),(Brown, Set of 14), Delxo Non Slip Carpet Stair Treads, Set of 14,Rug Non Skid Runner for Grip and Beauty. Canyon Kazmir Black 26 in. Micro hooked wool rugs are the best construction for stairs, in part because these rugs have a built-in cotton canvas backing. A waffle-patterned rubber backing aids in making the carpets, hall runners and stair treads skid-resistant. Owners, Eileen and John Hunyadi offer unequaled experience in the stair runner business, a complete understanding of stair runner applications, use of pattern, layout and the ability to effectively communicate these fine points with customers. We eventually did add some temporary stick-on runner treads to help our chihuahua, Burger, navigate the stairs more easily (we used this removable tape to hold them down, and it came up cleanly later when we sold the house). Or these rubber ones? Made of high-quality olefin carpet to resist stains. (I’m thinking about future re-sale value here, because a simple flat-head staple remover pulls the staples out effortlessly and without any damage or big holes left behind.). Something as simple as shelf liner on the stairs ultimately gives Tenor the confidence to trot down the stairs without thinking twice anymore. Plus, when you’re installing a “real” dog friendly stair runner, there are a boatload of mistakes that could happen — and I’m not sure I have the patience for that right now. The DOs and DON’Ts of stair runner installation: DO measure your stairs – or have your installer measure your stairs – to determine how many stair runner rugs to order. He thought, since those areas are painted white, that could be causing some extra reflection on the dog’s eyes. When I’m not training, walking, grooming, or making homemade treats for my dogs, you will find me at the corner of Good News & Fun Times as publisher of The Fun Times Guide (32 fun & helpful websites). Out of the blue one day, our dog refused to walk down the stairs in our home — the ones that connect the first floor to the second floor. Gone are the days are painful stair treads that catch all manner of pet hair and dirt, and here are the days of comfortable and stylish runners that tie-in the upstairs and main floor in this PMQ. Ideal for hardwood floors, stairs, staircases, stairways, hallways, and rugs which can be used for home, pets, auto, rv, boat, contractor work areas and more! Width x Your Choice Length Stair Runner. (And just because I love animals so much, I also worked at a Zoo for awhile!) Ditto for the last 2 risers and step â€” they’re now covered like all the rest. I know, you would think that just about any stair runner would look better than this makeshift one made of shelf liner! This smart pet lifter is designed to make your dog's life easier: helps your pet climb stairs or get up, e.g. Brintons Carpets Bell Twist Hemp & Retro Cord Stair Runner (per M) £60.00 £60.00 Per linear metre. This experiment made it clearer that the stair treads themselves were most likely the key problem here. 3. Can you make stair treads to my specifications? View details. In the end, nothing got Tenor to come down those steps except for ONE THING: brown padded shelf liner!eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'thefuntimesguide_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_0',800,'0','0'])); I started with a leftover piece of thinly padded non-adhesive shelf liner (that’s supposed to be cut-to-size and placed in your cabinets and drawers). This fear can especially be an issue with older dogs. I've never seen these anywhere, but we need to come up with something quickly. I was able to use those original pieces of shelf liner for a total of 5 years — it wears that well! I’ve been sharing my best ideas with others by blogging full-time since 1998 (the same year that Google started… and before the days of Facebook and YouTube). continue shopping Your Shopping Cart. They almost perfectly reach from top to bottom of our stairs (including the risers) — just as a real stair runner would. Yes, please call us at 1-800-616-8808 or 706-529-8808 to order custom quantities of our stair treads to meet your needs. Lastly in our stair runner ideas list is a rustic stair runner. Did Tenor come down the steps after that? ), This time, I did a better job of covering all of the risers and all of the stair treads — without leaving any gaps. Essentially an extra long rug designed to run down your entire staircase, a stair runner can also give your dog some much-needed traction on a slippery staircase. by TrafficMaster (11) $ 191 34 $ 273.35. Stair Treads . You may need to steady or support your dog as they go up the ramp so they don't lose their balance. We just want to make sure that we find exactly what we’re looking for before we go through all that. This unusual behavior started about a year after we moved into this house. Your staples need to be deep enough to go through the stair runner and into the wood. Flatweaves are a dog and man’s best friend for stair runners. Dog Ramps and Steps Help your pets get around safely with our selection of dog ramps that make climbing into cars, trucks and SUVs simple. Adorable dog was not grasping the concept and just standing on one stair, in fear for her life. x 50 ft. Yes, I’m still keeping a “real” stair runner (or maybe several non-slip stair treads) on my wish list — just in case I decide to pony up the big bucks and replace my DIY stair runner with the real deal. Professionally, I worked at a vet and have several friends who are veterinarians -- whom I consult with regularly. Truthfully, if we’re going to invest in a stair runner, then we will probably go with a 27-foot one-piece stair runner for a more professional “finished” look. One option for stair carpeting is to cover only the tread (the part of the stair that you step on) with a runner and leave the riser (the back) of the stair uncovered. Those single staples (one per stair riser) have done a marvelous job of keeping everything in place. It is a dog stair steps 24 inches pet ramp that is made of 100-percent polyester. Many of them have upwards of 200K shares. With easy, do-it-yourself installation, our stair treads for dogs help to cut down on tracked in dirt and are easily spot cleaned or vacuumed. The staples keep it firmly in place without affecting the natural look of the stairs themselves. Hall runner sizes range from 4 Ft. x 27 In. temporary stair treads. Cover the stairs with carpet if you don't want to get a ramp. Discover (and save!) We spend a week or two there; making sure everything is in order and the grass is mowed. You could also use a stair runner. WAYS TO LAY A STAIR RUNNER. by Natco (27) $ 25 97 /linear foot. Unable to move even with the offering of treats. Believe it or not, even after a year of regular use, our cheap DIY stair runner hasn’t ripped or become worn looking at all! The stairs in our house are solid wood, not carpeted. I’m a lifelong dog owner -- currently have 2 mixed breed Golden Aussies that we found abandoned on the side of the road as puppies. When considering installing a synthetic carpet as a stair runner, think about thickness and how it will look installed. We got tired of trying to find a reliable dog sitter so my husband designed this dog run s… This eliminates us having to re-straighten the shelf liner every few days as it naturally shifts a bit with 2 adults and 1 dog walking up and down it several times each day. (And just because I love animals so much, I also worked at a Zoo for awhile!) So having these things placed on the stairs — in and of themselves — were not intimidating to him. Some symptoms can go away on their own such as if a loss of balance was caused by a temporary ear … Carpet Stair Treads Set of 13 Non Slip/Skid Rubber Runner Mats or Rug Tread – Indoor Outdoor Pet Dog Stair Treads Pads – Non-Slip Stairway Carpet Rugs (Gray) 8” x 30" Includes Adhesive Tape. These are the dog friendly stair treads that I like best: I like to help Dog Parents find unique ways to do things that will save time & money — so I write about “outside the box” Dog Tips and Dog Hacks that most wouldn’t think of. to 9 In. Dog slips on the hardwood stairs, now that she's getting old. For this project, I mostly used 3/8″ x 2/5″ staples, which is a pretty standard size for other projects as well. See more ideas about Carpet stair treads, Stair treads, Carpet. Item Qty Price; Sub Total: £ 0.00: Shipping. Keep in mind, this was initially a just quick makeshift solution to worrisome dog problem — so I really didn’t care too much about how it “looked”. House Home & More Skid-Resistant Carpet Runner works great on carpet, tile, wood floors, as well as other hard-floor surfaces! Personally, I think it’s just the slick surface that he didn’t trust himself on anymore. I’ve always trained my own dogs and help friends train theirs, as well. I like to help dog owners understand what's 'normal' and what you can expect in terms of living with and training your dog -- how to get through the ups & downs of potty training, chewing, teaching commands, getting your dog to listen, and everything else that takes place during that hectic first year! x 23.5 In. So, short of re-painting the stair risers at this point, I rigged up a home-experiment to make the stair risers and sides a dull brown color rather than a glossy white color. Waterfall Installation // Source: whitewashedhouse.tumblr The waterfall method involves bending the carpet over the edge of the stair and bringing … For example, set a treat on the stair above your dog and say, "Climb." When I'm not training, walking, grooming, or making homemade treats for my dogs, you will find me at the corner of Good News & Fun Times as publisher of The Fun Times Guide (32 fun & helpful websites). Roll Rug Runner. It gives them a bit of a “grip” without being “tacky”. We still haven’t switched to a real stair runner yet. My daily motivation is to help first-time dog owners be better prepared from the first day your new puppy enters your home. Professionally, I worked at a vet and have several friends who are veterinarians — whom I consult with regularly. A low, dense pile is the best to hide foot & paw prints. ), At first, my husband cringed when he heard what I had done — during a weekend when he was out of town. I prefer stair treads as they are a considerably cheaper option. I need a special size or shape for my stairs. 3.9 out of 5 stars 1,521. Notice the stair riser about mid-way up that is still white in the photo above? Prevent your dog from slipping, falling or sliding. And you know what? They may be mor eof atrip hazard. To date, I've written over 500 articles for dog owners on this site! 49 £22.29 £22.29 Before this, he had been going up and down those steps — without incident — several times each day. We went through a couple weeks of trying different things to figure out what suddenly caused Tenor to stop going down the stairs. What size of staples are used to install a stair runner? And I admit, it’s not a very “classy” thing to do. (It does in pictures, but not so much in person — trust me.). Stair tread sizes range from 8 In. This was our life for the past three months. your own Pins on Pinterest ; DO choose a runner rug that’s appropriate for stairs. He had no problem going up the steps, but he wouldn’t come down unless one of us walked side-by-side with him down each of the steps. UPDATE: After the second full year of use as a dog stair runner — and every year or so after that — I’ve had to re-staple a few few times. These runners feature a premium, skid-resistant rubber backing to help create a safe, slip-resistant surface for you and your family including your dog or other pets. (That was an amateur move, for sure.). Ulster Carpets Ulster Velvet Chinchilla, Elephant & Charcoal Stair Runner (please call for pricing) £0.00 £0.00 Per linear metre. I’m a lifelong dog owner — currently have 2 mixed breed Golden Aussies that we found abandoned on the side of the road as puppies. Carpet Runners, Hall Runners & Stair Carpet Runners from Are stair treads "dated", ugly? Buy a Carpet or Stair Runner. Indoor carpet stair treads bring safety to the ups and downs of your stairs while adding comfort and beauty to your home. It certainly doesn’t look as nice as everything else in our home does. Pet Stair Step - Dog Steps, Flannel Dog Detachable Three-Story Staircase Assembly Removable Wash Stairs Ladder Dog Stair 2.7 out of 5 stars 21 £21.49 £ 21 . I like to help Dog Parents find unique ways to do things that will save time & money -- so I write about "outside the box" Dog Tips and Dog Hacks that most wouldn't think of. Check out this clear anti-slip stair tape instead. View details. You will be impressed how amazing this dog stair is. Filed Under: Dog Behavior Problems, Dog Tricks & Training, Home & Garden Tagged With: DIY Dog Stuff, Dog Rooms & Dog Spaces, Eye Issues With Dogs, Old Dogs / Senior Dogs. I shouldn’t have left that gap. It may look a little bit narrower than most stair runners, but it doesn’t stand out like an eyesore. Shipping . For the time being, to more permanently secure my DIY stair runner into place, I’ve used a staple gun to place one single staple at the back of each stair tread — closest to the riser.
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