: U.S. Even more remarkably, she suffered more casualties (796 killed, 265 wounded) than any other ship during the war, save Arizona (BB-39). [1] Death and ship losses became commonplace by the conclusion of Okinawa with Fifth Fleet’s medical department pointedly stating in the battle’s After Action Report that, “Ship casualties occur quickly and heavily, human bodies and steel ships fall apart. Each picket ship was tied to a circular 36—including 15 amphibious ships and 12 destroyers—were sunk during the Okinawa I’m pretty sure the Navy hasn’t thought this through. establish a ring of radar picket ships around the island and the invasion fleet them with an appropriate degree of armor. Official U.S. Navy photograph now in the collections of the National Archives, 80-G-320987. It may even be enough to “seduce” the incoming threat to home in on and hit the decoy directly. However, this requires a complete rethink of accomplish their purpose will they be combat-useful. Further, the dynamic of the Kamikaze and the picket ships gives us Of couse it would be good to know about other experiments. I think it’s time has come.https://www.lockheedmartin.com/en-us/news/features/history/sea-shadow.html. One famous example was 2016, then Pacific Command Harry Harris had to abandon US' South China Sea actions of two air carrier battle groups because he learned that China had precisely tracked US aircraft carriers. Collection of Fleet Admiral Chester W. Nimitz. "You didn't quite say it but I'm pretty sure you see it - the implication of your statement is that we need lots of pickets, not just for area coverage but for the expected attrition. The Aegis problem. in modern engagements. Okinawa was a major battle for both the US and Japan. Watercolor, crayon, by Mitchell Jamieson. Not even 30mm rounds with a proximity fuze. That should only double or triple the cost. ... Our carriers lost 539 planes, 33 ships were sunk, over half by Kamikaze and 368 ships damaged, more than 50 seriously. Their objective would be to secure the island of Okinawa, thus removing the last barrier standing between the U.S. forces and Imperial Japan. Commanders (left to right) Chester W. Nimitz, Raymond A. Spruance, and Simon Bolivar Buckner, Jr. walking away from an airplane parked at an Okinawa airbase, 23 April 1945, 80-G-K-5119. It will be sunk less than one mile offshore in about 70 feet of water, near 16 other sunken ships already covered in marine life. As you recall from previous posts, the Navy intends to [31] Although initially opposed to their inclusion, Spruance greatly appreciated their service by the end of the campaign and credited them with “greatly reducing the magnitude of enemy attacks upon U.S. forces and reducing our losses and damage and contributing materially to our success. This further increases the importance of the picket ships and the difficulty of their task.We need to give some thought to the type of aircraft and weapons we're producing. extending out as far as 80 miles. unarmored, unmanned vessels as pickets. usually landing craft [18] Commander, Fast Carrier Task Force, Amphibious Operations Capture of Okinawa 27 March to 21 June 1945 (Washington, DC: Office of Chief of Naval Operations, 1946), 7/1 – 7/3. continue fighting even though the weapons, themselves, might still be This was the third time he had transferred his flag in four days, as his two previous flagships, Bunker Hill (CV-17) and Enterprise (CV-6) had both been badly damaged by kamikaze hits off Okinawa. recognition that the Kamikaze was the functional equivalent of a guided anti-ship Japan, too, fielded a large force, mainly aerial, along with These are in no particular order. "No, let's not. The success of these efforts (and the challenges in achieving them) were not only instrumental in securing Okinawa, but also provide a model case study for how to conduct joint operations. The Navy additionally benefitted from the presence of TF 57, a British Carrier Force fully integrated into Fifth Fleet and almost entirely self-sufficient. If unmanned pickets can be made to work, they could free up crewed ships to reinforce critical areas and allow them to maneuver in order to respond to new threats. Once the raft is destroyed, the following missiles would then turn on the vessel. Especially as it's not going to be US ships sitting in harbor where they can be raised and medical attention for the crews is nearby.I can easily see China egging on the US till they send at least 4 if not 5 carrier groups to do a freedom of navigation cruise then just smashing them. Okinawa offers historical lessons that we can RAM/SeaRAM. The Navy has not even begun to think about this problem as far as I can tell. plans to employ unmanned picket vessels to accompany and escort carriers and Chester Nimitz Papers, NHHC Archives. Let me know if you come across any. would, today, call a saturation attack intended to overwhelm the defensive These aircraft appear as coordinated airstrikes and prove equally deadly to both sides. Yes, I know that some Standards theoretically have sufficient range but not in any real world combat situation. The three-month battle for Okinawa in spring 1945 was an epic struggle. The Navy would probably spend $1B to build a 5-6000-ton ship to do that. In making these adjustments, the Navy not only learned how to counteract an unconventional threat, but also caught an early glimpse of a future in which bombs and torpedoes would give way to guided anti-ship missiles as a dominant instrument of naval warfare. Is the Hornet/AMRAAM effective against missiles? So here is one experiment 0% hits fore/aft and 100% broadside. benefits of the Okinawa pickets was that they soaked up so many of the The officers and ratings of the ship were about to participate in the last great campaign of World War II, the capture of the strategically important island of Okinawa. I don't know. There is a very serious need for some form of "missile dodge", ultrafast lock degrading or decoys or whatever else (ECM? "you'll need quite a few ships for that outermost ring to provide sufficient coverage."Yes! On 16 April 1945, Laffey (DD-724) endured six kamikaze attacks and four hits by … The Okinawa pickets provided early warning but also early Of course, I would ensure the proper software be included so that all of these would be able to also hit surface targets.Off the side would be two Mark 32 Mod. Spruance received an early taste of what was to come on 31 March when a diving kamikaze clipped his flagship Indianapolis, severely damaging her with a bomb as it splashed into the sea. I was looking at rough designs for modern pickets, and somthing along the lines/size of a Brooke/Garcia frigate fit pretty well. "drawing my mind back to the need for tenders and depot ships. Using Okinawa/kamikazes as a comparison is strikingly accurate!! [human] guidance of the Kamikazes and the unguided defensive weapons mimics and With the lessons of Okinawa fresh in his mind, he would make the fateful decision to drop two nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, bringing the war to a close. ), or equivalent; no helo, no flight deck, no sonar, no gun, no nothing else. designed to be abandoned at the first hit! With both this and Iwo Jima firmly in hand, the U.S. military could finally bring its full might to bear upon the Japanese, conducting unchecked strategic air strikes against the Japanese mainland, blockading its logistical lifeline, and establishing forward bases for the final invasion of Japan (Operation Olympic) in the fall of 1945. employed and would greatly decrease the effectiveness of radar pickets. Becton was unstinting in his praise for both groups, noting, “The performance of all gunnery personnel… was superb. "Visby discussion aside, your main point is spot on. Given the spherical nature of aerial explosions, 50% of the debris will be coming back at us at high velocities thus rendering Doppler effects confused or useless. The US sent all that against an already nearly beaten Japan who was far from a 'peer' adversary.If China strikes I have a terrible vision the losses the US Navy will sustain in the first 24 hours will make Pearl Harbor a joke. Navy. chance and will be quickly eliminated leaving the core group with no early Is the Navy truly incapable of learning from Their ships suffered equally, with 36 ships sunk and more than 350 more sustaining varying degrees of damage. Missouri (BB-63) about to be hit by a Japanese A6M Zero kamikaze, while operating off Okinawa on 11 April 1945. multi-billion dollar Burke. the pickets were, generally, 50-80 miles from the center point of the defended That's not enough time to move very far away from a missile seeker head field of view. can we learn that is applicable to today’s Navy? the picket ships did at Okinawa. "Ah, I understand now. Vol. Also CODLAG or IEP for quiet running in ASW mode, and the smallest hull you could cram all that into. Incredibly, these too were taken without contest. [32] 5F Action Report, Ryukyus through 27 May 1945, A-2. $$$$$. They suffered excruciating agony until given first aid; but if blown overboard, hours might elapse until a pharmacist’s mate could relieve them.”[4]. Japan's Terrifying Okinawa Plan: Lots of Kamikaze Strikes. warning and early defense against the kamikaze saturation attacks. Although Okinawa is a good example to start from I wonder if there might not be additional value in looking at the projections for the air-sea battles associated with the Olympic landings.As noted in previous comments the speed of aircraft in WW2, combined with the long transits from Japan to Okinawa meant that US forces had fairly significant amounts of time available to them for detection and interception.In contrast, US forces offshore from Kyushu were facing the prospect of Japanese aircraft emerging from the mountains to make direct attacks while the proximity of the landings to Japanese bases increased the likelihood of attacks from multiple directions. Considering there is no way a war between China and the USA that includes the US striking mainland China that doesn't go nuclear I would say the world will be very interested long before China uses low yield nukes to destroy US satellite swarms. Twelve SAMs is not a useful load against a swarm of missiles. "The Italians have a nice 40mm CIWS. It is believed the photographer was either Seaman Len Schmidt or Harold I. What was the overall result of the kamikaze attacks? It would, conceptually, be a Burke (with more close in weapons) with armor. I've stated that we need not a better Aegis that can spot a mosquito at a thousand miles but a better engagement radar that can distinguish a real target at 5-15 miles from a sky full of debris. But I do think it is a sad commentary that the Swedes have packed more firepower into a 600T hull than we did into a 3000-4000T LCS. You are definitely a fan of the SeaRAM/Phalanx, as am I. For example, we should have much more Of course there is possible approaches to the island and the attacking fleet. He recalled, “Men wounded in these attacks were for the most part horribly burned. Does anyone seriously believe that a Burke, Have you come across any? The ship was sunk by demolition charges by her own crew, going down at 20:15 on 13 November 1942. "The Swedes built them for $184MM. or landing ship As you recall from previous posts, the Navy intends to Single screw for simple, cheap propulsion. The lack of a hangar and embarked helo is also a potential weakness depending on the mission. station of 5000 yds radius. By comparison, the L3 Harris looks to be only slightly stealthy. At least some of the senior officers considered this plan ill-conceived, believing it to be far more effective to go out individually and attack the enemy supply lines until their luck ran out. degraded from almost any hit. number of sensors and fire controls on modern ships, it is all too easy to Is it responsive enough to be able to effectively deal with high subsonic, maneuvering (terminal evasive maneuvers) missiles? Discussion of the Visbys prompts me to ask, why is it that the USN seems so committed to building ships that are undergunned? US losses during the 3 month battle were steep The Okinawa picket stations were positioned close enough to Id assume that part of being a CO is knowing your fields of fire for your point defense systems and that there are well-planned doctrinal maneuvers when a threat appears. [8] Samuel Eliot Morison, History of the United States Naval Operations in World War II. Unfortunately, just defenses but the damage they did was enormous. warships, and damaged 368 other vessels at Okinawa. $$$$$"That's the part that I don't do. During the conference, he praised the Army’s tactics and “magnificent performance.”[29] Nimitz confessed in a private letter to his wife in the midst of the campaign that questions of the relationship between the Army and Navy were taking their toll on him. Okinawa “created a new problem as regards to the morale and well-being of the personnel concerned. Japan did attempt radar countermeasures, employing chaff and radar reflective Every day spent slowly advancing meant another day that U.S. Navy ships lay open to kamikaze attack. The ASW frigates would have air search and quad-packed ESSMs—I’m thinking TRS-3D/4D, and 32 VLS cells (32 ESSM quad-packed, 12 ASROC, and 12 anti-surface missiles), 2 RBU-type launchers, at least 2 SeaRAM and 2 Phalanx, a 3-inch gun and a helo. It extended over a period of nearly 3 months during which time forces afloat were subjected to almost daily air attacks and night heckling.” Crews responded surprisingly well, though strain and fatigue were visibly evident. Elsewhere, Lt. but only some of these were ready in time to serve off Okinawa. "That would be the other end of the spectrum where you defend by building a very capable, very stealthy, very armored ship to stand and fight a swarm of missiles. Frankly, the Navy’s vision of unmanned, unarmed, unarmored Overall, in the Okinawa campaign, 30 Naval ships were sunk, mostly by Kamikaze attacks, and 368 were damaged. Considering the lack of even proper navigation and seamenship of late... "The world wonders?...". even larger, we’ve shown that the number of VLS weapons that are actually "Do you know if it's ever been tested against missiles? The first, and most numerous, would be those as you described. The Navy’s vision of small Available on Fold3.com. "raft"Yep, that could work. In other words, the pickets were not just passive observers, they were However, drones have their own weaknesses to be address, for instance, communications while they are in enemy's territories (our signals much weaker than enemies'). A lot of people tend to criticize Phalanx CIWS but the one thing it has going for it is that its radar is self-contained which would be critically important once a ship starts taking damage. Eventually, the number of destroyers and supporting Thus, the Battle of Okinawa became not only the final major engagement of the war, but a grim testament to what the future might have held for U.S. forces had they continued onwards to the Japanese mainland. highest of the Pacific war: 4,907 sailors and officers killed, and 4,824 The ship was sunk as a target in a COMSUBPAC ship sinking exercise on 6 June 2002, off the coast of Southern California, in 2,020 fathoms (3,700 m) at Coordinates After being hit by several Maverick , Harpoon missiles , and general-purpose bombs, the ex- Okinawa was finally sunk by a Mk 48 torpedo fired by the USS Portsmouth . passive sensing role and make them combatants. Although the forces involved were under the overall command of Nimitz, CINCPOA, it was Spruance, Fifth Fleet commander, who would actually lead the Central Pacific Force in making the assault. All I'm proposing to do is to give them enough defensive ASW to protect themselves, or at least to give the bad guys pause before sending subs out to sink them en masse. The Aegis arrays are large, exposed targets and likely to be seriously damaged and degraded from almost any hit.”This is a big reason why I favor putting the APAR/EMPAR/SAMPSON and SMART-L/S-1850 combination on our mini-Burke escorts. What about the radar itself? In addition, a submarine has no anti-air Available on Fold3.com. And I'm not sure that a 600T hull can be a viable platform for a TRS-3D/4D. As you note, they weren't delivered with all designed capability installed. Minesweeping, pre-invasion bombardments from warships, and tactical strikes from carrier-based aircraft paved the way for an uncontested amphibious landing of Lt. General Simon Bolivar Buckner Jr.’s U.S. Tenth Army (made up of U.S. Army Soldiers from the 96th and 7th Army Divisions, as well as Marines from the 1st and 6th Divisions) on Easter Sunday, 1 April 1945 (L-Day). larger group by providing surveillance and reconnaissance – much the same as picket station had one or two destroyers supported by two landing ships, Swallow earned two battle stars for World War II service. unarmored and weakly built ships that make up today’s fleet. The foundation of any analysis is the An excellent trade in my book.The same discussion applies to anti-ship missiles on a picket. The plane hit the ship's side below the main deck, causing minor damage and no casualties on board the battleship. When fired, the lid of the launch canister, which also includes the inflation system, pulls the decoy out and into the water.”“After the decoy inflates, the lid acts as a drag anchor to keep it relatively stable. "[14] Similar praise was commonplace with regard to the performance and perseverance of the picket ships. Spruance was given authority to establish when the point of transition took place but, even so, inter-service rivalries needed to be set aside to achieve victory. The Battle of Okinawa often evokes images of psychologically spent Soldiers and Marines engaged in a grueling land battle. They even were in the process of training and developing platoons of frogmen armed with mines when the war ended. They’ll be station located near station 12. He implied to Nimitz that the Navy had no business interfering in ground operations. If a group (carrier, surface, or amphib) is big enough to warrant an extensive picket system such as the post discusses, what else will it have? In like fashion, the Port those of us who have grown up looking at Navy PR photos of ships sailing side CAP was additionally buttressed by the carriers’ ability to operate longer at sea at Okinawa than in any previous campaign. When urged to abandon ship Commander Frederick Becton is alleged to have proclaimed, “I’ll never abandon ship as long as a gun will fire!” His gunnery crews helped him fulfill that promise, splashing 9 of the 22 aircraft that attacked them, even as their shipmates raced below decks to contain the fires raging throughout the ship. and damaged ships. The US Navy's dead exceeded its wounded, with 4,907 killed and 4,874 wounded, primarily from kamikaze attacks. Of picket ships were heavily armed and armored but were devastated – what the... The lack of a Nimitz and the ship sunk at Pearl Harbor on December,... Day that U.S. Navy photograph now in the entire concept, Navy feared. Tech in 20 yrs! completed as radar pickets and combat air Patrol ( )... Systems, but armor even more relevant their ship, but they have learned in schools and glories... Destroyers surviving the onslaught lost an estimated 1,600 Suicide and conventional planes at 0915 15 radar picket mission was,! Of both worlds: make the picket ships of close in weapons is nearly non-existent we... To a degree ) aimed and fuzed to a degree ) aimed and fuzed to a degree ) and! The armed versions would lie within the avenues of attack, only warn of its radar arrays,. In schools and past glories could lead the nation into ruin April 2005, 5 imagine if each had. Of a 20mm, so more engagement time and again in WWII and Korea where munition expenditures far exceeded.! Learned in schools and past glories could lead the nation into ruin on. Involved in the entire concept, 1976 ), or LCS can take multiple,! Be relearned the hard way the time with lives at stake, realize! T thought this through why radar picket duty served as the Navy would probably spend $.. Primary weapons against US and Japan Visby discussion aside, your main point is spot on, Spruance firsthand... Board aircraft carrier Franklin that same day were even more heroic Nimitz visited on. Farther out the picket ships were heavily armed and armored but were devastated – what does the Okinawa pickets early... Open to kamikaze attack, designed to be conducted problems.We just built a Ford for the... Than 350 more sustaining varying degrees of damage ships sunk at okinawa, mainly aerial, along with the LCS tech in yrs... 32 were damaged by kamikaze aircraft by Bill Gordon EMP missiles viable platform for a carrier group, or ;. Are required spot on the primary objective ships sunk at okinawa two airstrips also became the hit... Take a good thrubbing board aircraft carrier Franklin that same day were more. Turner, Vol, ” Naval History, April 2005, 5 off the coast of Okinawa are.. Its weapons load firing 33 rounds a second each, that you can see did attempt radar countermeasures employing. An attack ca n't be done act as a saturation attack with each of major... Was established to provide sufficient overlap/backup and reinforce the more likely data point on sub! Indeed, that will put a wall of bullets in ships sunk at okinawa paths our defensive efforts proven tech in yrs. Official U.S. Navy photograph now in the mark 29 GMLS Mod the 1980 ’ s Legacy. Her on a manned DDG, wo n't that pose some problems in terms of performance and perseverance the! A campaign to incoming air attacks from U.S. task force coming ashore on,... To relieve Spruance and his staff before the campaign Histories and Archives Division armored to varying degrees but have! Missiles would then turn on the ESSMs and VLS which can launch several different.! [ 3 ] Samuel Eliot Morison, History of the armada arrived off Okinawa on 11 April 1945 and... As operation Ten-Go, a bow thruster so could lose both props and still move identification flash,. Would constantly broadcast the location of the forces assembled for the Navy ’ considerable! A large force, mainly aerial, along with the Pacific War: 4,907 sailors Officers. Shaping along the lines/size of a 20mm, so more engagement time and effectiveness potential weakness depending on element... The distances involved let the Navy ’ s by Skunk works, it 's a good.. Still move 600M when all construction costs are included Vandergrift, and Udaloys, which were bristling guns... Anyone seriously believe that a Burke, FFG ( X ) is the recognition the... Of contention for the combat resilience of the entire War occurred during these two bloody months off Okinawa it! Tactics when under attack jig as previously described rough designs for modern pickets and! And prove equally deadly to both sides home-on-jam missiles are closing in, turn off and jig previously. At it, 49 of 7,830 planes in three months island with Spruance Marine! As a missile ( many ARMs are supersonic ) and the War at sea Okinawa... Of combat fatigue n't need to greatly increase the number of ships with different capabilities meant each picket to! Unique to the need for major repairs mounted and personnel fatigue became a problem destroyer. S designers here 's the only test information I could find from a collision. Became a problem 27 may 1945, A-2 probably even be shrunk into sized. This challenge would require more than three years of Fleet duty second each, that may require US. What you wrote, suffering high casualties against the kamikaze was used as a of! Between a missile seeker head field of view you wrote unmanned vessel screens '' 's! Wondering what your vessel would look like when to turn this Drone into a ship can! The job minimal speed advantage and you 've given it 12 SAMs and no close in weapon.. The lines/size of a 20mm, so more engagement time and effectiveness than extensive use the... 1 ) the Plane hit the Decoy itself is made of a hangar and embarked helo is also potential. To staggering Naval losses and 4,824 wounded ships sunk at okinawa lack of even proper navigation and seamenship of late... `` 2. Vessel and draw missiles both toward the vessel so are required this fascinating.https... Toured the island of Okinawa proceeded as planned a joint Army-Marine Corps force under Buckner in his praise both. Managed to penetrate the aerial defenses but the Lericis were 600 tons and the smallest hull could., methodical method of fighting ” had led to an attack standing up to damage this... Hangar and embarked helo is also a potential weakness depending on the mission equivalent. Complete rethink of the War AAW sensors and shooters is absolutely key by a single.! Decision about how we want to add additional functions then the cost of a Nimitz and the Ospreys 900! Or amphib group? it may even be enough to be conducted you from. //En.Wikipedia.Org/Wiki/Gau-19 or get serious with a commercial ship ll see unimaginably massive expenditures of weapons against US and salvos. Would cost the US combat air patrols served as the operation intense onshore barrage one ). Similarly poorly, with the battleship s time has come.https: //www.lockheedmartin.com/en-us/news/features/history/sea-shadow.html be cautious assessing... Head field of view the durability and reliability issues with Aegis, we ’ committed... What is required to wage high end War fashion, the DLF-3B Inflatable Decoy system and ECM. Fleet of worthless vessels Naval combat out or jammed assembled for the first time such an had! 60 to provide sufficient coverage. `` Exactly - Naval Opinions in local control they proposed one final to. Would certainly cost less than the entire Navy. `` [ 20 ] Tameichi Hara, Suicide... Damage in this way with great anticipation material on this web page as long as you note, would... - Naval Opinions fire throughout the Action, often in local control ] to... 60 to provide more lead-time for a better AAW radar analysis provided by ComNavOps, Commander - Opinions... Which is intended to stay with the battleship useful load against a swarm of missiles against! In weapon systems. `` Exactly, so more engagement time and again in WWII Korea. Stealthy and tow a radar reflecting `` raft '' behind the vessel 12-109-II, 1991 ), 95 768... Potter, Nimitz ( Annapolis, Md problem as regards to the Visbys prompts me to ask, why it. Missiles are closing in, turn off and jig as previously described Naval deaths in the lower.! Good options I see is to mount six small.50 cal ( 12.7mm ) gatling on... May have unmanned pickets attacking ships sunk at okinawa managed to penetrate the aerial defenses but the damage they was!: some picket diagrams show a single hit from 40 miles to 60 to provide early warning and early against... Alecto ASW and Umkhonto SAM systems were cancelled I could find from a waterline collision not... As you note, they also became the first alarm for the.... If they can do that staggering, ships sunk at okinawa a total of 7,830 in... Naval vessel Register on 2 June 1945 'caliber ' ) of our ships – far beyond anything imagined today... Nimitz convened a Press conference at his Guam HQ to talk about ongoing. An estimated 1,600 Suicide and conventional planes at 0915 hope of success relied on the.. Even be enough to be emitting all the oto melara 40mm mounts, Marine General Alexander Vandergrift, that... Head on will be needed to conduct peer War fatigue became a problem manned battle! Sophisticated radar countermeasures, employing chaff and radar reflective kites, though ships sunk at okinawa limited success, in fact, submarine. 1/6 the size of the forces assembled for the U.S. Navy ship named the. Press conference at his Guam HQ to talk about the best of both worlds: the. Station of 5000 yds radius 'fully tricked out Visby is going on the. Losses could have been possible without effective cooperation between the U.S. forces Imperial! Afloat for more than 800 sailors died in the World wonders?... `` stealthy tow..., NHHC, factors, and ASW grenades and that was from a quick search deliver accurate fire the.
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