Still, others may name their dog after musicians or other celebrities. Hunting Dog Names: 475+ Good, Best and Unique Hound Names As well as being loved for making loyal, adorable pets, dogs are also really popular as hunting companions. Mythology-Inspired Hunting Dog Names. Zeus and Hera. Hunting dogs are among the most popular and loyal dogs—in fact, many modern dog breeds find their origins in hunting. However, there is a lot more variety of style it seems when it comes to female names. In this case, you can make use of hunting dog names which pertains to guns and ammunition. Many of these names are unique, while others show up on the list of top 100 dog names. Tank: This is a cute name for a dog. These include groups like hounds, terriers, cur-type dogs, and gun dogs. Great for scent... Feists: Treeing Feist, Charlie Feist, Denmark … You wouldn’t want a huge name to yell during hunting! He-Wolf and She-Wolf. Both the sight hounds and scent hounds fall into the hunting dog category, as do the pointers, setters, spaniels, and retrievers. A name you are happy to call when out hunting with friends that is more appropriate than something like Tinkerbell! Male Hunting Dog Names. Dogs that hunt often have strong masculine hunting dog names. For dogs who work in tandem, you can devise a pair of hunting dog names like: Also, be careful about choosing hunting dog names rhyme too closely with specific dog commands. Sign up and get $25 off pet sitting and dog walking! Because the Treeing Walker Coonhound is chiefly considered a hunting dog, his name often has to do with the outdoors or the act of hunting itself. Meadow – Hunting usually takes place in fields and meadows. The names below are suitable for any breed of hunting dog, acknowledging that all hunting dog breeds are powerful and skilled in retrieval. Transformed into names, these terms include: Reminiscent of old Westerns and Wild West action movies, other top-notch hunting dog names also include: Wyatt–Sheriff Wyatt Earp as the fastest gun in the West. Scope – loves to scope out the surroundings. When I added every name to the list, I envisioned myself calling a hunting dog by that name. The official registered name that you give to your puppy will be limited to three or four words, with a specified number of letters. Buck was the central character in one of the most famous fiction works about a dog: Jack London's The Call of the Wild, ($8, Amazon). Kit (male) or Kit Kat (female) – behaves like a curious kitten. We’ve compiled a list of the best rugged, gritty, hunting dog names we could think of to help you pick the perfect name for your future hunting buddy! Labrador Retrievers, Beagles, Irish Setters and Dachshunds) are especially brilliant at hunting and retrieving as they were specifically bred for it! Dawn – Hunting often starts at the crack of dawn! Since many characters from ancient Greece and Rome carried weapons and were associated with hunting, their names make for ideal handles for hunting dogs. We know they are many hunting dog breeds and sizes, from smaller breeds, such as English Cocker Spaniels, to bigger breeds, like American Foxhounds. Then, based on their built, you’re ready to name them something like Charger, Challenger, Pathfinder,Exped, Monster, Beast, Bear, or Moose. Call Steve Snell (800-624-6378) 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. Where possible I will also give a short description of the name’s meaning. Jager, Jagger, or Jaeger – in German, means “hunter”. Because of the tasks they carry out, the name can even be Gothic like Raven or Reaper. Add to the list other gun-slinging personalities such as: Capone – one of the Untouchables of Chicago. Whether you have a male or female Labrador Retriever, these ideas will help you to find a name for your hunting companion. Trapper: Your little puppy is going to grow up into an amazing trapper for animals. Aspen; Ammo; Apollo; Chief; Goliath; Nellie; Ghost; Gauge; Dash; Mulie; … We will start with male names. Buddy: Your hunting dog is one of your best friends, so this name is perfect for him. 5. Orion: The great huntsman, Orion, placed among the stars by Zeus as Orion's constellation, this name is befitting to a hunting dog. For dogs who work in tandem, you can devise a pair of hunting dog names like: Samson and Delilah. Remember, too, that it’s a name you’ll keep calling out as you and your pet both venture out into the great outdoors, and so it’s one that should roll off your tongue smoothly and nicely…. You would not want it to give it a cute name, as it is not a fashion dog. Does your hunting dog remind you of monster trucks, x-trail cars, and the like? There’s also Wolf for a Wolfhound, Duck for a hunter of ducks, and Foxy or Foxy Lady for a female hunter dog. Just like with boys, there are a lot of great names for female hunting dogs out there. Jag; Bear; General; Get the huge collection of male dog names from this post. That means there’s a huge variety of size, shape, and personality among hunting dogs, from pointers to dachshunds to beagles. Here are some of the most popular mythological names for hunting dogs: Artemis Artemis was a goddess in Greek mythology. Actaeon – The name of a skilled hunter in Greek mythology. Why? 4. These Big Dog Owners Accepted the Challenge. If you are you looking for the best male and female hunting dog names which sounds Badass and Cool. 2. How pretty is this name? That’s because you’d like to find a name that your hound will best respond to for the rest of their life.
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