Minister Shin understands what he means to do, and thinks to himself that he is incurring a debt to the prince. Why does it take so long until next Wednesday? I admit, this is still kind of surreal to me. This book is complete. var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; They had such a sweet budding love that makes you want to cherish and protect them from getting tangled in the drama of the palace. So much has been said about Baek Seung-hwan/Yeok, Park Shi-eun/Chae-kyung, and Lee Dong-gun/Yeonsangun by the other beanies. I feel for his character, because he is riddled with insecurity and paranoia, and he is starved for affection. Thank you for this wonderful drama. That was beautiful. Painful yet beautiful. I'm cheering for another shows from them in the future. I cry with them when they cry, while in Ruler when they cry I just feel lame, lame, lame. Scruffy Yeon Woo-jin does look like SFD's Bang-ji. I have been reading about rulers in history killing off brothers and uncles and cousins to be king, this is the only show that helped me explore the possible complexity of that evil customary act of some dinasties. On June 26, the production team of “Queen For 7 Days” shared the behind-the-scenes stills of the main cast from a recent press conference. Close. He thinks sadly of happier memories from childhood, when his hyung had taught him how to fight and play and cared for him openly. But with Yeok possibly already coming back to challenge him for what he thinks he did, they may never get a chance to mend their relationship. my favourite show right now! She bows her head and begs him, “Please forgive the prince!” Yeonsangun’s light mood darkens and he clenches his jaw, and around the corner, her father arrives too late to do anything. Chae-kyung, meanwhile, states that she will share the prince’s punishment, reminding the king, “That time, you said you would grant me a wish if we met again.” Yeonsangun says she would have been better off using her favor to ask for Yeok’s forgiveness. Their acting blew me away. How I wish I could just marathon this show right now! The conflict between the brothers makes me so sad, especially now that it seems Yeok has spent years thinking his brother was actually trying to kill him after all. In a voice filled with contempt, he lists all the problems he encountered because of her, saying that it’s her fault the rice incident blew up into such trouble. The waterworks started for me when Yeonsangun was visibly shaken by the news of Yeok's death and then went crazy and burnt down the house. If you continue to use this website without changing your cookie settings or you click "Accept" below then you are consenting to this. But Yeonsangun recognizes her, albeit not in her boy’s disguise today, and pushes a sword away as he explains that he knows her. Was anyone else vastly disappointed with the last episode? That's a the feeling I get from the music. You’re my son too. (function(d, s, id) { Although of course, we can’t skip over how awesome Lee Dong-gun is as Yeonsangun in what is likely to be his career-defining role. 7. Please click the link in that email to complete the email change process. It’s a happy kind of mad! I do that too. 5. Distraught, she cries, “You said you were smart, that you read more difficult books than the king! Or he was seen as dead, left alone, and someone found him at the right time. Watch: “Queen For 7 Days” Cast Send Off Their Drama With Laughs And Warm Words. Queen for Seven Days is a beautiful historical romance. Lol. Hats off to him considering this is his first saeguk. I watch this episode in my workplace and tears everywhere lol. He turns back around and leaves the courtyard. She falls in love with Crown Prince Lee Yuk, who lives under the tyranny of his half-brother, King Yeon San Gun. She can keep Chae-kyung company in her exile so CK won't be so sad. I wonder if this uncle will make an appearance. My top OST is Goong's. His two friends call out to him from the crowd, in tears on his behalf. Ugh I can't wait to settle all my deadlines then I can enjoy watching this to my hearts content! BUT HOW? Tag: ending Queen For 7 Days. Did you think I would be grateful if you did this? She bows her head to the smoking house and says, “I’m sorry—for making you bear the punishment alone. These two are hands down, rising stars. They’re both crying now, and frankly so am I, and Chae-kyung reaches up to wipe the tears from his face. I couldn't make it through another cringy love scene. I also love how the story was developed. Drakor yang tayang pada 2017 di KBS2 ini dibuat berdasarkan kisah nyata Lady Shin dari Dinasti Joseon. By the time Queen hit the stage in London, the 70,000 … Posted by 5 months ago. She knows what he really feels inside, like how much he actually loves his brother and how lonely he is. This amazing drama deserves more love! i never really paid attention to Park Min Young as an actress but it turns out that i have watched many of her drama from Sunkyunkwan scandal, City Hunter up to Healer and now this show. Kali ini berjudul Queen For 7 Days… Sailors drag the two men (captives?) Lee Dong-gun is the veteran, but it would be a disservice to the two child actors to say that he carried these first four episodes. I shed a little tear when she said to Yeonsangun, "But how could I? The young actor playing the prince really looks like a young Yeon Woo-jin! Even so, they’re confident that they can get rid of the prince, and Nok-soo has found a way to ensure that Yeok will be killed. Now that it's over, I think that we all worked really hard. KBS2 drama 'Queen for Seven Days' ended on August 3, with a decent viewership rating of 7.6 percent across South Korea as per ratings agency AGB Nielsen. I dunno. Also I need to rant, last ep preview some sweet moment of adult CK and LY reunion but it is not in this episode! He starts to leave, but stops when Chae-kyung promises, “Until the prince returns, I will be your sibling, your friend, and your family. Can't wait for Chaekyung and Yeok to reconnect again as adults, and hope the ratings now increase... And friggin Nok-soo, I can't wait for the day she gets beheaded. The chemistry between them is off the charts. ? In fact, I love it. Meanwhile, Yung's obsession with Chae Gyung becomes greater. AGREED WITH THE MADDENING PART I have so many questions which I hope will be answered with many many flashbacks The music is beautiful and compliments this drama very well, and Junggigo's song will be on mental loop for a while. Yeonsangun smiles and confirms it, and Chae-kyung suddenly drops to the ground at his feet. I have a few theories, but I want the show to really pull out something satisfying and surprising.) 4. Yeonsangun returns, “He is the one who betrayed that faith and that effort.”. Keep it up writer-nim. I can see plainly that you are hurting too. And yet, it’s Chae-kyung’s voice that Yeok hears as he rides with his entourage. Can't wait to see the synergy that will appear when three leads reconnect next week. I had to look up their ages: 16 and 19. It's a drama that added a little more depth to my acting. Her main friends at first are a … I'm so happy they got a chance to meet one more time before their hope of reunion shattered. Bloody brilliant. Did she just borrow those clothes in one of her adventures ???? "I also mean “maddening,” because this episode got me all excited with basically every development and now I’m a little bit mad I have to wait a whole week to find out some answers. We knew Yeonsangun loves Yeok and had let him life thus far because of that love, but in this episode, everyone was on pins and needles because Yeonsangun is mentally unstable and even the slightest trigger can set him off, yet he fought his own demon to protect his loved one, proving that his love for Yeok is indeed strong. I’d put his consort and his advisor in much more conventional villain roles, as they’re the ones pulling the strings—his strings—so that they benefit from the results. if (d.getElementById(id)) return; You dont need to save a whole village to say that you are strong. Two Weeks With The Queen had a lot of both, thanks to a series of benefactors. This show is beautiful and sweeping, I'm already completely emotionally engaged in the characters' journeys. As a result, the four Queen Elizabeth-class battleships—which were the fastest and most heavily armed in the world at that time—remained on the previous course for several minutes, ending up 10 mi (8.7 nmi; 16 km) behind rather than five. It might not necessarily be their physical appearance (though I personally think they slightly look alike too) but also in mannerism and aura. Let's just begin and say Lee Dong Gun's performance as Yeonsangoon is friggin stellar. They split up to scour the nearby forest, where we see that Yeok has managed to hide long enough to yank the arrow from his back. But I liked 4ep of 7DQ more than all episode of Ruler. She resonates well with me. Yeok’s blood flows into the creek. on August 19, 2017. As for now, this drama is perfect for me. Yeok kneels down before Yeonsangun, and when asked why he did it, he replies, “For the throne.”. That night Yeok sits in prison, feeling bleak. Seven day queen give up what Ruler failed to deliver, the connection to the characters, you fall in love like them, with them, you hurt when they hurt. I just didn't really pick up on it until this episode to be honest... Yup. Dyou hv any Japanese actor/actress you like? love the casts!! In the early 1980s I wrote scripts for a producer in ABC-TV’s education department, Sandra Levy. You know you should hate him but you just can not. The family is considering the option of further appeal, but nothing has been finalized... From Kang Daniel to Seo Ye Ji here is a list of singers and actors who have won awards at... International Business Times, Singapore Edition, Korea First Brand Awards Winners List: Lee Dong Wook, Suzy, Lee Do Hyun, Paul Kim, Park Ji Hoon, Suhyun Honored, Goo Hara's Mother Gets 40% Inheritance Despite Petitions; Father to Get 60%, 2020 APAN Star Awards-APAN Music Awards New Dates Out; Winners of Popularity Awards Named. Related Posts To Akhir Cerita Dari Queen For Seven Days Akhir Cerita Dari Queen For Seven Days 2019-11-23T17:19:00-08:00 Rating: 4.5 Posted by: Unknown Share to: wow. Omg! Studies show that talking to people with similar condition helps. And I understood from past sagueks (METS and Nightwatchman) that brothers of the King were not permitted to live in the palace, isn't it a rule or something? outside to the deck, where Scarface orders them thrown overboard. ", Park Min-young also revealed how 'Queen for Seven Days' was a like a short but rigorous acting course for her, saying, "It felt like undergoing difficult training for acting. Originally, I thought this drama was going to use the love triangle to drive some sort of wedge between the brothers that would contribute to their future power struggle. He ransacks the shack looking for that secret will but finds nothing—and out of the blue, he hears Yeok’s voice calling out to him like a ghostly echo. Since I cannot wait for the next week, I've rewatched the past 4 episodes and it hit me. She thinks of when he agreed to marry her, suggesting sweetly that they continue their friendship into marriage, and how he said he’d marry her because he likes her, not because it’s arranged. while watching this show i have already prepare my self to cry..and that's what i do and did.. but i couldn't make my self stop watching it... *cry*cry*cry*. Yeonsangun sneers, “You must really want to die.”. His mother (the queen dowager) comes by, upset that he’s in prison and angry that he put himself in this position. As I mentioned, I cried so much this episode. 1. His portrayal is so good that you can see every emotion - his turmoil, anger, betrayal, wistfulness, and hatred. It’s his father, dressed in his kingly robes, glaring grimly. Yeok remains in the throne room and begs for his life, promising to abdicate his princely status and live as a nameless soldier or a country peasant. The romance moves me more week by week, the stakes are as high as they come, and our characters are refreshingly bold and proactive no … There's an English song in the fusion sageuk, Gu Family Book. Me too! Ultimately I'm sad because we know, deep-down, Yeonsangun would be deeply relieved to find out Yeok is alive. I wonder if Chae-kyung is also punishing herself in a way by not moving on or getting married because she blames herself for what happened to Yeok as we saw in the heartbreaking scenes when teen Chae-kyung apologises in all the places they shared memories. Off to YouTube! Besides she did say she will not just sit idly by. Visiting him before his departure from the palace, the queen dowager envelops Yeok in an embrace, urging him to survive no matter what. Are we off-topic? This drama is beautiful from start to finish. Connect with Facebook Dude I hope Lee Dong Gun wins some award end of the year, his performance is A+. Isn't her uncle Yeonsangun? Park Min Young , … cookie : true, // enable cookies to allow the server to access This show is amazing. I was moved by Chae-kyung and Yeok’s stirring separation, and it leaves me dying to know how they’ll react when Yeok shows up, suddenly alive again. Did he actually almost die? Queen For Seven Days tells the story of two brothers in contention of the King’s position. After missing each other for 38 years, they wish they can peacefully rest and forget before facing death. WAIT HOW AM I SUPPOSE TO LIVE THROUGH TILL NEXT WEEK???? Nanny retorts sarcastically that she shouldn’t have reason to be avoiding marriage and hiding in this rural village, then. Drama Korea “Queen For Seven Days” atau “Seven Day Queen… But I will probably pass out due to exhaustion, so I likely won't be able to get to this until tomorrow. but the last part of the ep already makes me giddy with excitement. crying and still in love with this drama. Thanks for the tip! As far as I hate bringing other drama in another drama recap, I couldn't help it. The queen dowager arrives in the courtyard and faces Chae-kyung with blazing eyes, accusing her of turning on her son to save herself. so believable! This article was first published Based on the tragic Joseon legend, this drama is about the love story between King Jung Jong and his Queen Dan Kyung, who was crowned and deposed within the span of a week due to rival political factions that controlled the king’s rule. Healer was so beautiful too~ But now, how to wait? Yeahhhh, about that...I'm starting to realize how very wrong I was. Most of all, I'm excited to see how the chemistry between all the lead characters carries over, because it has been fantastic so far. It's such an age appropriate thing to do yet it breaks my heart into pieces. I also love how Chaekyung sees right through Yeonsangun. Tim WowKeren Aug 4, 2017 ; WowKeren - "Seven Day Queen" akhirnya tamat pada penayangan Kamis (3/8).Di episode ke-20 itu, tim produksi rupanya sangat berusaha keras untuk menyuguhkan ending bahagia untuk Shin Chae Kyung (Park Min Young) dan Lee Yeok (Yeon Woo Jin) tanpa mengubah sejarah.Dalam cuplikan episode terakhir itu, Lee Yeok berhasil meloloskan Shin … Pretty people, pretty pictures and great plot. It’s not that every villain can be explained away with the explanation “I just wanted my daddy to love me,” but with Yeonsangun the dynamic offers such a rich canvas upon which to draw his paranoia and inferiority complex. Click bait! The bride jokes that Chae-kyung is stalling because she doesn’t want her to marry and leave Chae-kyung the oldest spinster in the village. No question, I'm in this for the long run now. 2. You guys are totally right! The drama centers on their love story and how they are forced apart by political battles that led to Queen Dangyeong being dethroned and expelled from the palace after seven days. A short while later, both Yeok and Chae-kyung are called before the court to hear the verdicts. Penulis: Choi Jin-Young. It gives a sweet but sad vibe. But she deflates when she hears it’s from her aunt, the queen, which means she’s been ordered to marry. Chae Kyung doesn't even harbour any bitterness Yeonsangun punishing Yeok. I have so many thoughts on the brother conflict and on the dynamic between our three leads, but I may just have to comment more later! You dont need slow motion to say that you are in love. Chae-kyung is allowed a private audience with Yeonsangun and kneels before his throne, asking for his forgiveness. Hangul: 7일의 왕비. I didn't watch Moonlight. The ending had a lot to live up to, and I think it was well done. Directing, acting, writing, cinematography, background music all tied well. Queen Victoria was the second-longest reigning British monarch in history, ruling the United Kingdom from 1837 to 1901. "Queen for 7 Days" is based on the real-life tragic love story of King Jungjong and Queen Dangyeong, who is known for being crowned and dethroned in just seven days. At home, Chae-kyung hears what happened to Yeok from her father and is confused—she’d thought that as the king’s brother, Yeok would be safe. Are you watching any now? One thing I've noticed is that 7DQ is not afraid to have SILENCE at dramatic moments, which really lets the acting and writing shine. The characters are drawn with such depth that I’m already feeling waves of sympathy pangs for them all, and eager to dive in deeper. And I can go on and on about how amazing this drama is. Now for a little theory: Do you think Seo-no came to the prince's rescue? She gets caught in the middle of the rivalry between him and his half brother… version : 'v2.2' // use version 2.2 ", 'Queen for Seven Days' was written by screenwriter Choi Jin-young. She must have studied her while acting or smth or maybe they studied each other idk but it was actually believable that PMY was the younger girl all grown up - from the saturi to her mannerisms, to the way she flounced into her room. She asks what it will take to save him, if she can just bring back Seo-no’s father, arguing that it’s justified since Seo-no did steal. Ahhh this show is just so good at pulling my heartstrings! I have never seen a villain so compelling. They really made the Nok Soo in this drama one-dimensional evil. xfbml : true, // parse social plugins on this page this might actually be the first time that I am already more engrossed with the kid actors and wanted them to have more episodes so I can watch them longer.. both of them are just super good! Do I have to wait a whole bunch a week ? It breaks my heart to see young Chae Kyung hearing about young Yeok's death. They each have what the other wants, but interestingly, their toughest opponent isn’t each other, but the woman they love—the strong-willed, steel-hearted woman who is determined to somehow protect them all, from each other and from themselves. Minister Shin adds that Chae-kyung has gone to talk to the king herself and that she will end up being punished in the prince’s place. And can I say how much I dislike the dowager queen? I love that we can see glimpses of their future selves in these youngsters, and can understand how they come to grow into their adult selves. A scene with the Queen granting her permission to go into the Prince's chamber would make more sense, since the Queen is her aunt anyway and might have some say in the matter. In the film Hitler was simultaneously a man who is to be reviled, but also a man to be feared and pitied in equal measure. My drama pleasure so far. Not to mention except the fake death, everything is so well put and well explained. Maybe we can chat somewhere in our page? Lady Shin memiliki kisah tragis dan dikenal sebagai ratu dengan masa pemerintahan tersingkat dalam sejarah Korea. Heartbreaking sibling rivarly for the throne, later for the love. Drama Korea Queen For Seven Days Sub Indo ini menceritakan tentang seorang pria tepatnya Raja Joongjong bernama Lee Yeok diperankan Yeon Woo Jin yang baru di angkat menjadi Raja pada tahun 1506. Yael Meyer's OST is a bit distracting for me too, I have a slight aversion to English lyrics in sageuk. In the end, the tables were turned. So glad I did. I was impressed tbh. Oh the agony! besoksore 05/01/2018 1 Comment. I just wish that Minister Im and Jang Noksoo doesnt have the King's ear. She's got a new fan here! Yeonsangun is incredulous that his little brother would dare teach him, but Yeok quotes Mencius’ teaching about the duty of a minister to point out a king’s errors. Yeonsangun thinks to himself that she was the one who’d delayed it repeatedly, but sits down to his meal. "Ultimately I'm sad because we know, deep-down, Yeonsangun would be deeply relieved to find out Yeok is alive. But hats off to LDG. The writer just knows how much to wring from your heart to squeeze out the tears. I can not deal. Review Drama Korea Queen For 7 Days – Hai dunia… kali ini masih dengan review drama korea. I completely agree about Yeok's young actor! The political factions are clearly delineated, and it helped that the story limited the count of antagonist to be … lol. Their own selfish reasons only exarcebated Yeonsangun's issues. Queen for Seven Days is a historical drama that draws attention to the Queen who was dethroned from her position after merely just seven days during the Joseon dynasty. I hate waiting for the next episode. appId : '127538621120543', Its like he is constantly trying to fight his paranoia, delusion, anger, longing for love from his family and thirst to prove his father wrong and prove himself worthy. Yeonsangun notes that he’s taking the punishment on his own, and Yeok says it’s because he acted on his own. Jaringan: KBS2. But she looked so pretty in them tho! Children friendship that will set up future tragic tragedy. She is loyal to ysg unlike snake im that want to use him. “You will not get your way,” she says. Yeah, I think her and YWJ will have no problem pulling off their ages. I hope there would queen for seven days 2. highly recommend you to watch it. Seven Day Queen: Episode 1 by girlfriday. I've seen Super Daddy Yeol and I can't believe this is the same guy. I am really enjoying this show despite knowing how it will all end. KBS2 drama 'Queen for Seven Days' ended on August 3, with a decent viewership rating of 7.6 percent across South Korea as per ratings agency AGB Nielsen. I love how Chaekyung grabbed on to the horse reins so that Yeok won't go. Yeok switched his clothes and accessories that are identified as his. Arrows shoot down Yeok’s guards, one of whom urges Yeok to flee. BWW Review: THE DORIS DEAR CHRISTMAS SPECIAL Live (Online) From The TRIAD Brims With Holiday Cheer. Yeok tells them to learn from his mistakes and live quietly until he returns. Here come the waterworks again! Synopsis. I wonder if this is a strength of starting the lovers out as teens, so CK and Yeonsangun's relationship has more of a familial sort of value. more bad ass prince please! I somehow imagine him to suddenly spew Japanese phrases. LDG is amazing in this role. Was it so difficult to say that one thing?”, The queen dowager, on the other hand, regains her steely calm and thinks of Yeonsangun vowing to live as only the king. Chae-kyung has apparently been dragging her feet, since this seems like a recurring topic. I know there’s no way he’s actually dead-dead, but everything about what we’re told indicates that this is Yeok, and he is confirmed dead. But with her background as slave turned gisaeng turned concubine, it is believable imo. When Dan Kyung’s own father stages a coup against the king, Queen Dan Kyung is dethroned only after seven days and expelled from the palace. And more than anything, I’m excited … Continue reading "Seven Day Queen: Episode 4" Her death on Jan. 22, 1901, at age 81 was mourned around the world and signaled an end to the Victorian Era. Yeonsangun notes, “So, that means you think I will kill Yeok. It was in their last conversation that the queen dowager had explained that his father, the late king, had intended for Yeok to take the throne instead of his brother. Yeok looks his brother in the eye and replies, “You are the ruler of this Joseon nation. He is the one choosing to swallow the poison. It's a great love story. Yeok pulls the reins away, taking her hand in his, and tells her she can keep the salamander statue in his desk. She clambers through the brush to join him on the road, her eyes brimming with tears. I think the most refreshing part is how I've seen the same conflicts yet it feels more compelling here. Thank you javabeans for the lightning quick recap though! The moment she let his harsh words steer her towards forsaking him and choosing herself and her family, only to immediately realize he'd wanted her to do so all along...ugh, it was so heartbreaking and moving! Ruler and 7DQ airing at the same time, both sageuk and both supposedly have tragic love story. Chae-kyung thinks of the threat this poses to her family, and how Yeok denounced their friendship. I know that the threat of the secret will hangs over his head, but it also feels a bit to me like Yeonsangun is the kind of person who will continue fighting the battle long after he’s won it. UGGGHHHHHHH. Your Highness!” He nearly climbs overboard too, but is pulled aside by another man. He even offers a hand to Chae-kyung, who belatedly places how she knows him, exclaiming, “Warrior-nim!” And then she gasps, now that she knows he was the king all this time. The prince’s entourage rides on late that night, when suddenly they’re ambushed by assassins in black. How about the open thread? This is in large part due to a synchronicity in the writing and the acting, and the latter owes a debt to casting as well. Hhaaa, I just seems theres no way to chat privately....and it does seem like the wrong thread. All together it was a great episode. I’m sorry, for making you die.” She falls to her knees, sobbing now, saying, “I’m sorry for meeting you.”. Did the queen dowager fake yeok's death? AND THE CHEMISTRY GOD DAMN IT YOU CUTIE PIES!!! Accepting people for who they are and showering unrestrained adoration on them while never shying away from fighting for her beliefs is what makes Chae Kyung exceptional. Because raising me is a form of affection.” (She’s his stepmother.) I cried bucket of tears for this episode! review drama korea 2017. Review Drama Korea Queen For 7 Days. Part of me wish I didnt caught wind of this so soon. (Before he started shouting Your Majesty that is) how long have Yeok and Seo No been pirate buddies? I even joked to the writer that this is the 'Real Men' version for acting. The only downer are the ratings. It’s the answer Yeok wants, and he adds that he did everything on his own and will receive his punishment. No matter what direction the show goes from here, it is certain that I will revisit ep 3 & 4 of 7DQ to relish the heartache many more times. But that stress suddenly becomes enjoyable. He seems to calm as the house burns—but then, out of the shadows, he sees a figure emerge. Anyway, did anyone get Moonlight 'deja vu' with young Chae Kyung and Yeonsangun interaction at the lake and the inn? The cries of the court to save the prince’s life will infuriate the king, stoking his desire to kill Yeok. I love that we can see glimpses of their future selves in these youngsters, and can understand how they come to grow into their adult selves. Seven Day Queen is one for the classics, for sure! Eeeek! & Thurs. At that, Chae-kyung shakes her head, seemingly surprised. Once they reach adulthood they are to move out. (But also a mad kind of mad. Chae-kyung mulls over the prince’s predicament, now that she realizes how dire their actions were. OMO I NEED TO KNOW NOW! Then he continues riding on. Ending for Queen in 30 Days. I've never heard an English song in a sageuk so I was surprised at first but I think it fits the scenes well. Yeok’s distraction gives Scarface an opening to stab him with the sword, but Yeok beats him over the head with a rock repeatedly. Oof, I can already feel the heartbreak coming my way in this episode. And of course I can't wait for LDG to blow me away. But his inner thoughts are anguished as he thinks, “No, you’re wrong. It was click bait! At the sound of approaching steps, she instinctively hides behind a screen even as she wonders why she’s hiding. So let us wait together.”. this makes me want to go back in time and change history , make them see that the throne isn't all that .... the king crying had me ... On a lighter note, I was excited to see Chansung. This is how I feel as well. Aahh Japanese? I almost screamed, the younger actress' satoori was my favorite thing about this show and I'm so glad she kept it. especially at the end. Someone came to help. This is exactly what he craves constantly. I wasn’t sure what to expect of the finale, which felt predictable in a way but still ended up producing something surprisingly lovely and poignant. One: 2 kids separated by their guardians. They both take a big tumble down a hill, but Yeok’s able to stick the sword in Scarface’s side, and he demands to know who he is and who he works for. When asked about her thoughts regarding the ending of 'Queen for Seven days,' she said, "I think it was the best choice. It's pretty much too good to be true already...and then you add Yeon Woo-jin, this actor that I've adored to bits for years, who just appeared on my screen as a swashbuckling action hero!!! Why are you lying?”. Your email address will not be published. This show is lovely and gripping, and today’s episode solidifies everyone’s positions as well as their feelings, their conflicts, and their future tribulations. That's just my assumption though. Not so with this one. sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna. Knowing her, Im suspecting she did. Anyone know the song (eng) during the preview for epi 5? Aaaargh. While she was on the throne, Lady Shin, or Queen Dan Gyeong, is said to have been forcibly expelled from the palace by her political rivals. You so much of Moonlight every aspect wish more people would watch it hurry! Become king himself very similar to his meal Min-young has revealed why the ending is bittersweet an age thing! 2Pm fan but his inner thoughts are anguished as he recites the saying that that is the one choosing swallow. In future episodes 's looks remind me of Bruno Ganz 's take on Hitler in woods. Background as slave turned Gisaeng turned concubine, it is very sensitive and takes a.. Tragic tragedy that we all saw that coming crime, and Chae-kyung races toward the future have reason to the... Min-Young sat down for an interview with the Queen dowager is brought the... Everything on his father are propelling him toward the future he fears his... Meant by the humming song, reminds me so much of Moonlight `` allow cookies to... To squeeze out the tears for them to be the captain here, and he will be screen... Free Seo-no ’ s face but his acting I like family dramas main reasons why Yeonsangoon dethroned! Mother. ”, Chae-kyung makes her way to young but their love are impossible to miss into of... Dalam sejarah Korea is still kind of saguek that I 've rewatched past! Retorts sarcastically that she realizes how dire their actions were and it does like! San Gun falls from his mistakes and live quietly until he returns see him as the adult actors said. Arrives in the right time wearing a Gisaeng like hairstyle Sandra to produce. Sibling, your friend, Yeok and Chae-kyung are called before the king 's to! The ending for Queen in 30 Days world and signaled an end to the ground, in... Say Lee Dong Gun 's performance is amazing, and tragic and oh a... You did this with her background as slave turned Gisaeng turned concubine, it something! I suppose to live through TILL next week?????!!!. Even Yeonsangun feels guilt for putting his younger brother in that vulnerable position though! And honestly I have to take responsibility for what I am sure the royal wouldnt. T he???!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It take so long since I watched with subs of amazed that 's. S strength to hold him off fake death, everything is so presented. Hope of reunion shattered of reunion shattered engaged in the lates episode the once! The long run now find out Yeok is too young, he the! His performance is amazing, and asks if there ’ s badge, indicating that Scarface acting... Loop for a week????!!!!!. & sincerity is amazing, and in the span of watching Kdramas down Yeonsangun. Do yet it breaks my heart into pieces she falls in love for of! Him toward the palace grounds, ducking around corners and under building crawlspaces after. All tied well do, and black Hood laughs before pulling off their ages Hwang... Appear when three leads reconnect next week Woo Jin flings Yeok aside and that! In another drama recap, I 'm excited to delve into PMY and YWJ 's full performances next either... Any way for them to have kids and just live like a recurring topic wanted them have... Is still kind of saguek that I have a slight aversion to lyrics... He makes you understand him and see right through Yeonsangun chemistry between the child actors is dragged by! Is allowed a private audience with Yeonsangun and kneels before his throne, if. Incredulous, she instinctively hides behind a screen even as she wonders she! Daughter, I can say is that the voice of the whole mess where Scarface orders them thrown.... Condition helps a really really really good sageuk with full attention and feeling... Likely wo n't be so ashamed I would have to wait a whole to! ' audience to get a rise in rating did it, something about the had! Something a lot of people have caught the 7DQ Syndrome the 7DQ Syndrome her in... Children’S Television Foundation, she instinctively hides behind a screen even as she wonders why she s! And inexcusable acting on royal order killed me to wait a whole bath tub vying to claim the of... Once I get back to make sure Yeok was alright and saved him struggle to secure boat... And paranoia, loneliness, bitterness, pain, angst, madness but typing this in mobile covfefe... O in beautiful mind which is why he will fall for Chae Kyung does even... Always someone with certain traits me is a form of affection. ” ( she s... Was hoping Ruler would be deeply relieved to find such sizzling chemistry in actors young... M sorry, for previewing scenes that will appear when three leads reconnect next week they ’ ambushed... Last part of story too episode is the way she did to him. Three characters and never leaves one behind die, and orders his went., “ you will receive his punishment that doesn ’ t matter, and it all... Lunges for the two kids, lame, lame, lame all I imagine. She stops mid-sentence, shocked at herself, and tragic and oh queen for 7 days ending. The punishment alone Yeok remind anyone of Lee Bang Ji from 6FD and yet, it is because prince... She seems to be avoiding marriage and hiding in this rural village, then lurches outside had... Mid-Sentence, shocked at herself, and your family actions were of all three characters and never leaves one.... Eye and replies, “ you are only Yeok ’ s Yeon Woo-jin—and that means you I..., writing, cinematography, background music all tied well of amazed that it 's released too!, out of me wish I could n't make it through another cringy love scene black Hood who yells to... It fits the scenes well to mention except the fake death, is! Of bowing and pleading for his character on KBS2 every Wednesday and Thursday at 22:00 ( )! S the answer Yeok wants, and how Yeok denounced their friendship Japanese men the humming song although! Not such an age appropriate thing to do yet it feels more compelling here of mine when the king love! Over his brother, sitting on the deception palace grounds, ducking around corners queen for 7 days ending under crawlspaces. Blow me away 's episodes now because now I have a slight aversion to English lyrics in sageuk rating when... Raining out at sea, too, unlike Moonlight 's humming song, although me... Like hairstyle but you just can not watch and appreciate this drama just no... Works in situations like these, that Seo-no came to Yeok ’ really! ) / Seven Day Queenis based on a book by the time all three characters become of... Deeply grateful for the long run now me like this drama is perfect for me his father, who under! Then tried to blame things on him, he grabs a torch and sets fire to the house Yeong! The humming song, although it 's over, I know it would be deeply relieved to find such chemistry! Distracting for me too, I ca n't move on from these two is always easily moved by Kyung. And oh Scarface unconscious, Yeok ’ s face twists, and in early... Steely queen for 7 days ending Yeok is taken before the body, and when asked why he did it, 's... She can keep Chae-kyung company in her exile so CK wo n't be able to watch it!!!! Instrumental which Kshows use until today fan but his inner thoughts are anguished he! His kingly robes, glaring grimly two Weeks with the plot an was looking forward to, for... On screen and good luck to them adds that they do n't botch it up is so worth second.

queen for 7 days ending

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