We are a full-time business, 100 Bulk Voter Postcards 4x6” - Your Vote Your Voice, Red, White and Blue Theme With Blank Back fo… our online app where you can fill out a form telling us what you have and the best ways to contact you. Germany. The surface of the photo side is usually a bit shiny - but not always. I received a check electronically within minutes after they received the collection. Vintage Real Photograph Postcards, Consider these direct-mail postcard marketing statistics:]]> Direct mail boasts ]]> the best household response rate of all marketing channels: 5.1% versus 0.6% for email and paid search, 0.4% for social media, and 0.2% for online display advertising. Manage overlays, backgrounds, and text to maximize your design. that an old postcard has a green 1-cent Benjamin Franklin stamp on it means nothing (an Internet scam has newbies thinking green 1c stamps are priceless My interaction with 2nd Markets has been a fair and honest exchange. PostcardFair. 5 out of 5 stars (30) 30 reviews $ 8.98. Classified Ads. I found 2nd Markets a few years ago when I was pricing the coin collection given to me by my Father. Civil War Postcards, I have visited many places in Wilmington DE and surrounding area. you will have one of them in your stack of old postcards. The first step is to contact us using our easy online form. Site Map | Old Postcard Buyer 2nd Markets. Scenic Small Town America Postcards (pre-1920 only), Click here to view our current BBB Report, Who buys knife collections? I shipped on a Monday and received payment on Friday, the same day they received it. They quickly responded to all my queries, offered exactly what is listed on their website, made it easy to ship the coins that I was selling, and quickly sent me a check in payment. Please offer us some, priced in US dollars or Euros, postpaid to Columbus Ohio! Foreign. Please notify me if you are able to restock. Looking for real estate marketing postcards? There are millions of cards with green Benjamin Franklin stamps on them. Choose photographs that are vibrant or dramatic. ... Buy It Now. Free shipping on many items ... RPPC Photo Postcard--TEXAS--League City--Gill's Orange Grove--Early TX View PC. This has been a satisfactory agreement. That being said, some postcards can be valuable. Printers are often national companies that sell ready-made postcards — complete with photography — to the local distributors. Reeser has a Bachelor of Arts in English literature. After accepting the bid, I sent the collection via Fed Ex, which 2nd Markets paid for. Understanding what makes a mail piece do well (or poorly) can be a bit mysterious. This will take you to Photo Postcards from Zazzle. United States California Chicago Florida New York Texas World Locations. Our team of graphic designers know how to make the most of every square inch of space to create compelling postcards. WE INVITE YOU to do a thorough background check on us. Most postcards printed after 1950 are worth a dime or less. WE BUY LARGE POSTCARD COLLECTIONS, ESTATES, DEALER STOCK, AND POSTCARDS OF ANY KIND! Item Location. Why stop there? These often have the text PRINTED IN GERMANY on the back Companies that buy photos for postcards? A former columnist and staff writer for a military newspaper, she is the editor of a literary journal. Many postcard companies will license photos similar to the ones they already print, so compare your images to find something that you think will appeal to them. Click the BBB logo above to be taken to our current BBB report. and much more. Every 4th (least expensive) postcard you purchase is FREE! From promotions to parties, postcard printing is versatile and functional for personal and professional needs alike. Cardcow.com is one of the largest online vintage postcard dealers. This is our MOST WANTED category. Read what hundreds of happy sellers say about their selling experience. Visit local stores that typically sell postcards. We rarely buy small lots unless they are great Real Photo Postcards in great condition. We do not want cards with scenes of Europe. Look at their website or postcards to get an idea of the pictures they currently publish. Many of the companies that are listed here were not primarily postcard publishers and they may only have published cards during the height of the postcard craze while the full range of the firms dates of operation are listed. So no melting for the material, these items would go to other collectors. After accepting the bid I was sent detailed instructions on how to pack and ship my collection prepaid and insured by 2ndmarkets. Mailing: Be sure to leave High Gloss UV Coating off the back of your postcard if you will be writing on that side or addressing the back for mailers. Open Fotor Design feature, and select your Postcard template. Creative Postcard Templates. Choose a preset design and drag and drop your photos onto the template, or create your own template from scratch. I was able to speak to Jon after a couple of messages and his email traffic was always informative. I was in the loop for the entire process, they paid to ship the items from my home to TN. Alternatively, send samples on disk by mail and include a letter describing your experience and interest in postcard photography. buying direct from individuals and estates. Many antique, pre-1920 postcards on eBay sell for less than $1 or do not sell at all. The company does business in a fair and honest manner. The Greeting Card Shop – The Greeting Card Shop lets you upload your artistry to cards and sell them yourself! VistaPrint. Announcements & Invitations When You Buy 60 Or More Shop Now > Use Code: ZBLKFRIDAYGO *details. We were doing this BEFORE there was an Internet! see all. We buy hundreds of thousands of vintage cards each year and will pay top dollar for your collection. The Great British Card Company – Send your photos or illustrations via snail mail or e-mail, and the company will respond to all submissions within 8 weeks. Before you do business with any online buyer, you should do your due diligence. What I've found is that there are MANY aspects of a direct mail campaign that need to be executed flawlessly in order to get a good response rate. There are two types of postcard companies: distributors and printers. Payment was sent out the same day the package was received. If you are looking to sell your entire collection to a trusted buyer with over You’ll receive 70% net for every license sold (standard licenses are $250), and your images may appear in big-name ad campaigns if you submit them for commercial licensing. It wasn’t until years later that I finally sold Jon my collection and He was STILL at beyond fair market value for the collection. Made in USA. Locations. Most antique postcards from the early 1900s are worth $1 or less. Grand Canyon, Yellowstone etc. Each year we have a large number of mail order customers who purchase our “Charleston, South Carolina” calendar which we began printing annually in 1979. Post card variety pack with European travel theme postcards. $1.50 flat rate shipping on all orders worldwide. Jon and his staff were extremely efficient and timely in their response to buying my goods! Our incredible library of over 1 million stock photos, graphics, and illustrations opens up tons of possibilities, with breathtaking photos from all over the world and every conceivable activity. Whether you contact them by phone, email, or regular mail, try to get an idea of their submission guidelines. Charleston Postcard Company is a family owned and operated business that has been in existence in Charleston SC since 1975. England. A picture, we hear, is just as good after all, if not better! NOT ALL RPPC CARDS ARE GOOD! Uncoated Cover or simply selecting High Gloss UV Coating Front Only on the 14 pt. Have lots of old postcards or paper items that you'd like to sell? Browse our one-of-a-kind vintage & antique postcards. Send us an existing postcard design, or we’ll create a custom one for you. Look forward to doing business with him again. Nothing prints until you’re 100% satisfied. How many photos do they accept? Why use postcards in marketing? Click one of the links below to get started: We are a top antique postcards buyer. 2. Examples of unwanted RPPC cards: photos of a random, unnamed person or see all. The task of thanking, well-wishing, and greeting can be daunting. I had a very positive experience with 2nd Markets. Choose from 100s of REALTOR® specific postcard templates. Explore more than 3,100 postcard templates to design invitations, save the date cards, announcements, greeting cards, and flyers. Halloween Postcards (pre-1920 only), I just sold a coin collection to 2nd Markets. While there is much in the way of professional accomplishment to be gained from licensing work for a postcard, there is, unfortunately, little monetary benefit. In fact, more than $2,000 in goods are sold for every $167 invested in direct-mail marketing (a 1,300% return) One of the most crucial aspects is the message that you are trying to deliver to your recipients. Architecture Americana Antiquarian & Collectible Books. Register as an artist, manage your designs, and receive 12% of the sale of each card, which is typically 24 cents. In this category, we will buy cards dated 1940 or earlier) - these are black and white or brownish tint postcards with a photo scene. 3. However, if you are persistent and realistic about your goals as a photographer, you may have the satisfaction of seeing your work in print. Succeeding with direct mail can be a very complex task. There were publishers that produced only one type of postcard and others who issued cards in a wide variety of techniques. If your submissions are successful, consider licensing versus copyrighting your image. photo cards and are NOT wanted. Thank you so much for a pleasant experience. Learn how easy it is to sell your pre-1945 postcard collection to us in a international Chinese postcards Japanese postcards Travel themes. Look at their website or postcards to get an idea of the pictures they currently publish.
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