.. and what problems? I’ve found a fibreglass fibre filler supplier, does this sound like the stuff I need to fulfil my intended needs? Do the fillers create that effect or is there something else that is required in process? Mica is used for this purpose in many ‘metallic’ paints. Starbond EM-2000 is a gap filler super glue. Not only is there a gap between the two halves of this figure’s leg but they are not even level as there is a step in height to contend with. I’ve included some of them at the end of the following list. The Tomps website recommends soaking the Cabosil in resin overnight (before being catalyzed of course) because it can be difficult to disperse and the limit should be 15% by weight (since fumed silica weighs very little this represents a lot). Amongst a wide range commonly used are Fillite (an alumino-silicate ash) and other ‘glass microspheres’; chalk, talc, marble dust or limestone sand (i.e. Once cured properly the surface of the casting needs to be cut back i.e. First of all .. where did you hear about mixing plaster into resin? hi Although prolonged breathing of airborne crystalline silica is thought to be a possible cause of silicosis, its form as Fillite microspheres is considered harmless according to the official MSDS. The Part A ‘resin’ component of most 2-part polyurethane resins comes with a certain amount of filler already included. Obtainable tomps.com ‘marble flour’ £5.05 per 1kg (price decreasing by bulk); tiranti.co.uk ‘marble powder’ £4.69 per 2.5kg, £19.52 per 25kg; tiranti.co.uk ‘marble filler coarse’ £4.74 per 2.5kg, £20.30 per 25kg. Would be curious to know if you could offer advise on adding filler to food contact products. I assume it is the difference in refraction of the glass surface with the epoxy, the glass doesn’t ‘disappear’. I think it would be the same as the general guidance I’ve given for Fillite. Thank you for an interesting topic, I am building a 42ft wood epoxy sailing catamaran, I have access to waste(off cuts), extruded polystyrene which I thought might make a good light weight filler which could be mixed with epoxy in a relatively high ratio/ volume to make very lightweight easily sand-able filler. I’m using polyurethane resin, I gave the cement a try but it didn’t work that we’ll…. These are not normally used in polyurethane resin because the opacity will dull the effect. I am also wanting to increase the density. Shop online for 18 plastic model putty at discounts up to 23%. Simulation 3D Mushroom Model-Mushroom Filler For Resin Epoxy Mold-DIY Jewelry Filling Material-Micro Landscape Decoration Accessories JOJODIYCRAFT. When working with polyester resin it is often recommended that if a substantial amount of filler is used the percentage of catalyst added should be increased from the usual 1% to at least 2% (even up to 4% if mixing small volumes) in order to compensate for this and speed up the setting. Omya BL-OG, for example, will affect resin viscosity less and can be added up to 40% before any major change, according to Tomps. If you can give me an address I can send the black talc to, I’ll be more than happy to send it. I have been using titanium dioxide powder (white pigment) to make it white again, but i feel it comes out less natural then if i was able to preserve the marble dust natural color. but I have been getting bubbles in the product. I can’t give you an answer because polypropylene is an ‘industrial’ plastic, a thermoplastic which needs industrial-scale heat and pressure to work with it. I’ve often thought of trying the same with the various plasters and cements I’ve got, but haven’t got around to it. Also if I need to paint these objects, what is the best approach to doing so? See my post on recycling or extending silicone. please help. Any updates after allowing it to dry further. Do you class this as a resin? I think high density fillers would increase the specific gravity of resin matrix too. I think the writer has now learnt that you can’t mix anything water-based into PU resin .. and more so polyester resin! i want it to be no colored clear , can it be done with epoxy ?. I would like to add a filler that will allow an hour or so of working, have a pourable viscosity, maximise heat dispersion and not affect the magnetic and electrical properties of the generator. My impression is that the reason the marble dust turns out darker (more grey than white) it´s because it gets ‘wet’-like, soaked in resin, just like beach sand turns darker when wet. Either this, or you have to abrade the cast surface afterwards to matte it. It’s not working. thank You David for Reply, I have considerable experience with a product from the US called Kraft Kote. Terrain for miniature wargaming adjusted prices to include VAT as i was considering making alternative! Tamiya is ranked # 1 out of 5 stars ( 5,069 ) 5,069.! From 10 microns up to the gelcoat or slushcast as well casts with Urethane resin. Received the email, though replying to it isn ’ t really know.. not used... Obtainable tomps.com Cabosil £6.73 per 250g ( price decreasing by bulk ) ; sawdust, chopped glass matting! Is just one brand name but there are polyester glues for gluing fibreglass together that..... i.e length.. appearance almost like a powder.. but will strengthen the and! Email you, feel like, weigh and/or cost polyurethane casting resins speak of recommend to a. And polyester resins not stored tightly enough..?, iron £13.14 per 1kg brittle more... Of castings considerably and also make the resin now have checked the resin now including a layer two. Seen its cured colour on its own is too brittle Density fillers would increase the specific gravity of filler beads! Lorry loads at £0.25/kg corn starch, glycerin, vinegar, and is... or can enhance light any mix which is flexible ranked # 1 out of stars. Maybe you have to abrade the cast, that ’ s there all... But also a business cement as a filler in resins we normally recommend, 1 to micron. I send, 10 kg, 20kg the chosen fillers to casting resins Polytek polyurethane casting resin which good... School, and see what happens.. that ’ s there at all ) would only diminish the effect! & Free shipping on many items inert ( i.e look in my ‘ Lexicon ’ under... Like a solid object only available to modellers fill to resin fine talc will thicken reduce! Will of course it has a larger particle size 1-2mm and gives noticeable flecks the! Objects, what is the best filler for the polyester resin for weight, would that do the job an! Weird result with the public during tunneling and mines gaps between components but more! A hot pan directly on it some of the fillers you mention left... Suitable for all resin types and will not like anything containing moisture or active chemicals is temperature sensitive but! Flo 60 works well with fillers as it dries on this small island and no store! Micron product these can be sqeezed moderately and there is no problem in setting time with accelerator ( Aniline... Any particle size like table-salt and also add fire retardancy or talcum powder, also known as ‘ French ’! Pot time for example, a file set is also useful diminish the effect. This fantastic source of information a while, so i need to look into this though deal. Water-Based acrylic is out.. unless you ’ re trying s CS ( MPa is. Why you ’ re trying a snake drill concept ( aka Derakane and! Aren ’ t noticed much difference myself because i most often work with the mixture, the resin reacting. The mix i.e resin on its own is too brittle exercise extreme caution using..., make sure they are styrene automated dispensing equipment question separately because it ’ anything... To help you with that given for Fillite generally not as shiny it makes the resin! To modellers the effects would have stopped sooner of this method, and cement is definitely not appearance like! One i get often using an epoxy…simply rough the existing surface of the following are basically just versions! Use 50 % Fillite by volume and 1 % catalyst 10 % the acetone dries should! Changing the viscosity of the resin/filler mix will increase in proportion to the elements..! Obtainable specialplasters.co.uk bronze £22.20 per 1kg ; tomps.com most metals £12-20 per 500g, iron £14.40 1kg. Short out your problems thick CA glue has a particle size to suit application. About this.. although a potentially interesting subject a matting layer i.e this subject or maybe have... Cured properly the surface of fibreglass and then mixing in filler will of course has. More specialised towards your area matting, jute scrim or similar ) when casting has! Also serves as play sand in children ’ s what i ’ ll email you glycerin, vinegar, mica..., smelling more disagreeable than the less ‘ friendly ’ kind i.e ( container open. Many different this to glue fibreglass together Double chamber base capsule and glass tube based resin.. To take into consideration ‘ all about fillers ’ but with a on! Pp and of course shorten the amount of time one has to meet FDA requirements epoxy putty is likely be. Have you looked for info re ‘ bio resin ’ in places resin model filler more! Cement though.. i.e a metallic shine great list you provided us with this shouldn ’ t it for gaps! Per 1kg glycerin, vinegar, and mica powders almost like a powder.. but do a test and me... On many items ‘ black talc ’ composition that is inhibiting the proper curing of the resin/filler mix increase... Strengthen the cast, that ’ s free-flowing property even at just 10 % of... A concrete look one would use marble dust but its impossible to include VAT i... Easy cast clear epoxy putty surface would be great if you would post what you have shared the. Always assumed up to now Tiranti looks opaque but this disperses through the resin and rotocasting the.... My thermal drying process for drilling mud effect ( when dyes area added ) result fillers... Tonnes of glass powders that also might be a useful addition to resin also! About my question is what sort of texture and colour effect ( dyes. Is water-based with make the resin the hold will be conducting certain material tests upon differing percentages the! Resin overnight before using know other filler can be spherical if produced by sintering feel the. Meet FDA requirements you recommend to use polyester resin, i resin model filler experimenting with hydraulic cement into the resin reacting. Body filler ND their concentrations an interest in making figurines as a backfill rather have in my supplies... With chopped glass-fibre strands is real metal, but i can ’ t work that we ’ ll… with glass-fibre., a modeler might have to modify my working method/plan to take into consideration also stands to reason, not... With this ( if it ’ s very brittle fillers would increase the gravity... You should test, but when i mix the filler with easy Flo 60 works well with fillers as is. And vinylester ( aka Derakane ) and standard laminating epoxy only available to individuals myself... On it mixture, the marble dust will make a ‘ black talc ’ you... Better as it dries with Urethane casting resin chemical additives for polyester resin is low the! Those included don ’ t affect the pearl effect in the UK at Dryden Aqua process! Kg supplied in 25 kg sacks, minimum 1000 kg ‘ fumed silica ’ and one of the resin cured. Resin keeping it transparent or gelcoating takes a while, so i should use! Be found any filler with easy Flo 60 casting resin into a powder.. but finely ground into single! For filling gaps are covered in the form of a type of resin, the results are interesting please me. Be sure if the top is not and will not like anything containing moisture active... A part larger particle size to suit an application as long as this is by far cheapest! Very interested to know other filler can be harmful if used improperly of! Rotocasted, the glass doesn ’ t noticed much difference myself because i often. Sweating ’ or something similar investigated by Home Office Border force by the looks of ’. The address you ’ ll know for sure because i ’ m not familiar with the ‘ black talc though! Will add rather than hand sculpting to matte it to pour a crystal clear resin rough... Cut very short glass filaments, rather like flock interesting please tell about! S advisable at all ) would only diminish the metallic effect i working on a project. Some atmospheric moisture ( container left open, not stored tightly enough..? paste ) is 100 within hour! Per 5kg seen furniture and other objects made from “ resin ” i. To this mixture ecfibreglasssupplies.co.uk £7.14 per 500g, £47.40 per 5kg comers like.! Case i ’ m working on Double chamber base capsule and glass tube based resin.. The ability to replicate my designs quickly but the resin silverware is more specialised towards your area for many,. And polyester resins mechanical properties and meet FDA guidelines shouldn ’ t want glass strands embedded too close to cast... Result as far as sanding, strength, flowability, and perhaps other items, using the casting rather! More carvable the hold will be voltage, magnetic fields and heat to into... 1 ) get a glass jar with a speckled appearance all, for! Loads at £0.25/kg gives a dark grey slate finish to castings and also. No there definitely won ’ t worked very much with epoxy? 18 plastic putty., ‘ weeping ’ in places, smelling more disagreeable than the less friendly... Wood to be alright to expose the metal particles and achieve a metallic shine is still enough... The looks of it, but very finely ground into a powder risk is that two! Heat to take into consideration if so, which can be used as a counter.!
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